how to make good use of product recommendations

Attraqt is the French specialist in “product discovery”. Its solution allows e-commerces with vast product catalogs to offer the right product, to the right visitor, at the right time, thanks to research, merchandising and personalized recommendations.

Overview of best practices and strategies to implement to make good use of product recommendations.

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The importance of product recommendations

Product recommendations are a great way to increase the average basket and revenue of e-commerce players. This technique, which aims to offer relevant products to your customers, can take several forms: recommendations of similar products under a product sheet, personalized recommendations by email, recommendation of complementary products, recommendations during checkout, recommendation at reception… should be customized as much as possible to exactly match your visitor’s or customer’s search intent.

Thanks to these recommendations, you will be able to offer a better quality customer journey with more relevant products. You can also reduce cart abandonments, increase your average carts, and of course upsell and cross-sell. A winning strategy in all respects.

To be able to launch these strategies, you need to go through solutions like Attraqt. Thanks to AI and a seamless analysis of visitor behavior, Attraqt enables retailers to deliver effective recommendations that guide shoppers, inspire and offer products they hadn’t thought of before.

Learn more about Attraqt and discover the solution

10 effective strategies to implement

To see in detail how to use the recommendations, Attraqt shares 10 strategies and best practices to implement.

1. Launch targeted email campaigns

You can target shopper segments with highly personalized product recommendations based on their real-time behavior on the site and their purchase history. Personalized recommendations sent via email will therefore be particularly effective in bringing your visitors back to your site and encouraging them to buy.

2. Compensate for limited data

Even if your visitors are anonymous or don’t share their data, you can offer them relevant products. It is really possible to highlight articles that are currently popular or articles that other visitors have liked. You can also rely on your visitor’s click history to give you the best product recommendations.

AI-powered solutions like Attraqt will allow you to explore and make the most of your data. With this type of data you can customize by segments, according to the behavior of visitors without necessarily needing personal data.

3. Recommendations based on browsing history

Offer a smoother shopping experience by allowing internet users to pick up where they left off, regardless of the channel used: last seen products in Instagram catalog, products added to mobile app wishlist, products added to cart when visiting from the desktop…

4. Send re-engagement emails

Solutions that take omnichannel into account, such as Attraqt, will also allow you to implement very effective strategies to re-engage your customers. For example, you can create rules that trigger an email to be sent to visitors who have left your site, encouraging them to pick up where they left off in their navigation, or pushing promotions on products on their wish list.

5. Recommendations for similar products

This strategy makes it possible to offer similar products on a product page to make discovery easier and help shoppers find what they’re looking for more quickly.

With Attraqt, it is possible, for example, to offer products from the same category: if the visitor has consulted a blue sofa, you will offer blue sofas with a different shape, a different price, a different size… until the visitor finds exactly what he wants. demand.

6. Complementary Product Recommendations

Complementary product recommendations allow you to easily implement cross-sell strategies by displaying frequently purchased products together. If an internet user buys a duvet cover, you could, for example, offer him the purchase of sheets and blankets that complete the collection.

Supplemental product recommendations using pop-up messages when adding to cart or on the cart page are increasingly being used by brands. E-retailers use Attraqt because the solution also allows them to offer additional content (not just products): blog articles, tutorial videos, expert opinions, etc.

7. Visual Recommendations

An increasingly popular feature, Attraqt’s visual recommendations help its customers find a product that perfectly suits them, offering them alternatives that are visually very close to the product they are looking for. The recommendation is made thanks to the automatic recognition of the images consulted by the visitor to your website.

8. Buy the look

Very common in fashion, “Buy the look” type recommendations make it possible to automatically offer products of the same style. Usually, in addition to a t-shirt, you will be able to offer a matching outfit including pants, shoes and accessories that match best. Attraqt allows you to automate this type of recommendation.

9. Sending cart abandonment emails

With a solution like Attraqt, you can trigger the automatic sending of emails as soon as a visitor abandons their cart. The email sent will include the products in your basket to encourage you to return to the site to complete your order.

10. Avoid pages with no results

It’s important to avoid showing results pages, error pages, or 404s to your visitors. Instead, you can offer a page with the most popular results of the moment, trending products, your promotions or your new collection, for example. If a product is out of stock, Attraqt lets you automatically recommend relevant alternatives so you don’t frustrate the customer.

Bonus: Engage and Retain

You can also make hyper-personalized recommendations to your registered customers, especially during milestones like birthdays. A great way to re-engage and keep them!

Learn more about Attraqt and discover the solution

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