ZFE: Automatic sanctions and a villainous objective

Posted on November 1, 2022


As I mentioned in a previous post written just a few months ago, everything is set to (finally!) ostracize the poor outside the cities a little more.

Yes, you read that right: with the establishment of these Low Emission Zones, so-called polluting cars will be banned ♩ which will ensure ♪ finally clean cities ♫ with a breathable atmosphere ♬ as this is, moreover, the objective displayed in a very official way .

Of course, by low emission we don’t mean low emission of nonsense that would guarantee the disappearance of a bunch of silly ecologists from these same urban centers, but very low emission of carbon dioxide that, like all You knowit’s an abomination to pollute without which the climate would hypothetically be colder and the Earth would certainly be lifeless.

And to ensure that these zones are well respected, we took notice – through one of these whispering ministerial commissions – of the creation of an automated system to control sanctions against vehicles that do not meet the ubiquitous standards of urban areas. second half of 2024.

In other words, if your vehicle doesn’t have its little thing sticker and its little thing control updated, if the manufacturer can’t guarantee that your engine isn’t tuned with Gaïa for a perfect harmony of ecologically conscious movement, then you’re going to take plum with plum – which, at 750 euros each, runs the risk of quickly calming the ardor of artisans, liberal professions, delivery people and other slightly crazy taxis who would still risk coming to work in these Low Economic Interest Zones.

Of course, in order to “follow up” this heavy rain of eco-punitive blows, the government pretends to help individuals transitionthis new buzzword that allows you to change your political opinion, sex or now car engine indiscriminately: aid of several thousand euros of free money is foreseen coming directly from the pocket of others to help in the rapid acquisition of electric cars in order to to encourage even beggar poor to turn to these gears.

All this is going well while the country, remember, is currently in the midst of a notable energy crisis in which everything seems to have been done so that our nuclear power stations do not start working again quickly. We currently have a record number of reactors shut down, it’s as geeky as it is fortuitous – as we tell you – and, in any case, it certainly doesn’t help improve the prospects of transitioning to an increasingly grotesque and chimerical whole. electric.

Grotesque because the electric car is absolutely not suitable for most of the uses that are currently made of this economical, practical and efficient means of transport when equipped with a combustion engine. Equipped with batteries, it’s really fast hell, as evidenced by dozens of field experiments and realistic reports.

Concretely, these electric cars are a vitaminized version of golf carts, that is, practical for short distances, suitable terrain and small runs, and almost nothing more than paying the two crazy amounts and having plenty of time for extended recharges every trip a little bit. substantial.

Chimerical too, for the laws of physics being what they are, neither the densities of current batteries, nor the electrical networks currently implemented, nor the available production powers allow, in any way, to increase the load for millions of vehicles greedily sucking the network at every possible opportunity.

These ZFEs are indeed the perfect illustration of the complete aberration of this forced-to-all-electric gear transition.

These vehicles are actually two to three times more polluting in the production and recycling (when it exists) of their thermal equivalent, as the extraction, transformation and use of the rare earths needed for batteries has a negative impact on the environment (remember, it takes about a million liters of water to evaporate to recover a ton of lithium). And then we are talking about soil and air pollution that is much more corrosive and irritating than this CO2 without which we would all be very concretely dead.

Worse still, the frantic sale of these vehicles, artificially boosted and at great cost, will cause unprecedented social disruption: not only is the number of workers in an electric car much lower than in a thermal car, which ultimately means , huge layoffs among car manufacturers, but in addition most of the added value of an electric vehicle is now located in China, which further increases our dependence on this country and contributes to French de-industrialization.

With the implementation of these SPAs and the sanctions that will involve them, we are in the application of a dogmatic decision devoid of any nuance, of any relation to reality and that will not cause any of the expected desirable effects, and all the foreseeable adverse effects.

However, when we look at what has happened since Macron’s first term, there is no doubt: the real objective is not the announced one.

The fight against hypothetical pollution is just a pretext: the energy transition, in one of the most virtuous countries in the world in terms of pollution, is nonsense that only catastrophizing post-teens paralyzed by artificial, indoctrinated and weak millennial fears enough to keep their limbs on screens or come and lie loosely in the middle of busy roads.

The fact that this means of transport is so impractical, so out of step with the real expectations of consumers and the functional capabilities that we can claim with modern technologies is no accident: it is precisely to mark socially the beggars, the smelly, the crowds that drive the diesel, the enlightened elite who travel sparingly in silent, smoke-free vehicles.

Yes, the fact of pitting the rich against the poor is not an unfortunate perverse effect of these measures, it is a desired primary effect, it is a divide and rule based on the purest contempt.

The current government has lost all balance with reality and with the people it claims to represent while spitting in your face. And now, many are mistaking that for rain.

This country sucks.

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