What kind of electrician are you?

You can invest in an electric car for a number of different reasons. But you, what kind of electric car driver are you?

Since there is no longer a single way to manage charging, there is no longer a single electric car driver profile. The market becomes richer, more specialized and inevitably segmented. So much so that when you talk to people who have taken the electric step and browse forums and other social media on the subject, you quickly understand that there can be as much difference between two types of electric drivers as there is between an electric driver and a hardcore diesel enthusiast. What does a techno and performance fan driving a Tesla Model S Plaid or a Taycan Turbo S have in common with a delighted passenger in his Dacia Spring or his Zoe? None, except the electrical outlet, perhaps.

the environmentalist

Let’s not lie to each other, protecting the environment is certainly not the only reason many drivers are diving into electricity. It is even possible that, for some, it is the least of their worries. But, although one can always complain about the real environmental virtue of this mode of transport, there is certainly a significant part of the EV clientele that opted for this solution out of true environmental conviction. Just read the comments on this site and on the forum to understand that some are really looking for sobriety and more virtuous moves. Electromovers for whom weight is the enemy, mastering a scourge, and efficiency a fundamental prerequisite.

The Economist

On the occasion of an operation a few days ago with a brand that is developing its electric offer very quickly, I spoke with two entrepreneurs who chose to equip themselves with a company electric car, and gradually extend this option to their entire fleet. As far as their personal management vehicle is concerned, each one – without consulting each other, they could not find each other – explained to me that it was also an economic and management option, and that the switch to electric made them save between 3600 and 6000 euros per year compared to its previous thermal function. At stake, not only the cost per kilometer but also the possibility of amortizing the batteries separately. Of the two, the one who best spoke about it ran an accounting firm…

the technologist

Also known as a geek, this electromobilist is part of the tribe of first adherents or, in French, first-time adopters, that is, people who like technology and are always one step ahead of the adoption of new products that are still far from reaching the general public. Where once their favorite playground was essentially IT and digital or internet-related technologies, smartphones or drones, the attraction to the new and disruption has encouraged them to look to the side of cars, electric vehicles, Tesla in the lead, and embrace it. them in turn. For the technologist, who was often not originally a bagnolard, the Model 3 is the flagship model of the marriage of technology and automobile. Needless to say, unlike the environmentalist, the environment was probably not the first thing that prompted the early adopter to buy an EV. But as he is also often adept at solutionism (which is a lot of word in “this”), he is convinced that saving the environment will also involve technology.

the hedonist

He loves novelty as much as a certain classicism, but most of all he appreciates pretty things, a little exclusive and comfort. In this, he is seduced both by the range of certain electric cars and by their silent operation. A silence that not only helps to soften the outdoor environment, but also allows you to travel in peace and serenity, and enjoy your best Lounge and Cool Jazz playlists between two stops that will skillfully mix recharge and gastronomy or visit a historic place. .

The performance enthusiast

Some do not recover. Amateur of beautiful steamy mechanics, after looking with a blurred vision at the arrival of these electric things on our roads (the famous “vacuum cleaners” gleefully insulted by anti-EVs), he gradually let himself be seduced by the surprising performances of certain models , capable of competing with certain supercars that cost between two and five times their price. Not necessarily the most eco-friendly of electromobility, he loves to tickle the pedal and even becomes the bearer of the good word to try to convince his entourage of the benefits of electromobility, as long as it sounds like a MacLaren. The green varnish ends up coating the speech so you don’t get hit on watts during family meals.

the evangelist

He is everywhere, all the time. A tireless promoter of electromobility and a lover of his mount since diving several years ago, he is a kind of synthesis of the five types described above. But most of all, the electric car is such a revelation for him that he spreads the good news whenever he gets the chance, especially on forums and social media. A tireless deconstructor of fake news, he will spend endless time fighting received ideas and commonplaces against the electric car. Let’s pay tribute to his courage, many of his colleagues have fallen to arms before a LinkedIn troll a little tougher than the others.

And then there’s also the “ordinary” driver, who silently goes electric for all these reasons, or none in particular, simply because he understood that this was the point of the story and that he would soon have no choice anyway, hello 2035 .

You might recognize yourself in one of these portraits, even if in reality the profiles aren’t so distinctly drawn, and maybe there’s a little bit of each of these traits in the 2022 electric driver.

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