The winners of the Formnext 2022 Start-up Challenge

Formnext 2022 is just around the corner and will take place in Frankfurt in less than two weeks, from 15th to 18th November. After receiving more than 17,800 visitors during the 2021 edition, additive manufacturing players are satisfied with the return to 100% of the public at the fair, which should reach the results of 2019. While waiting to know more about exhibitors, news, conferences With the latest industry updates, today we want to focus on the five start-ups that won the Formnext Start-Up Challenge 2022. They are the innovative SphereCube (Italy), Rivelin Robotics (UK), Alpha Powders (Poland), Photosynthetic ( Netherlands) and Lattice Medical (France). The latter also won the AM Ventures Impact award.

The Formnext Start-up Challenge supports the most promising start-ups by offering competition winners free entry to the fair, with its own booth and a comprehensive marketing package. Thanks to this initiative, in recent years, many start-ups have been able to move forward and establish important contacts with investors, companies, the press and other stakeholders. In addition, the winners have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the fair participants during the event, Pitchnext, which will take place this year on November 15, 2022 at 2 pm in the AM4U space in hall 11.0, D72.

The winners of the Formnext Start-Up Challenge 2022 contest

As the latest issue of Formnext has already shown, sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the additive manufacturing sector and beyond. It is not by chance that the winning startups have in common a commitment to the environment. Furthermore, the official press release of Formnext states that “the innovations of these young companies were selected both for the high level of creativity shown in product development and for the viability of the business models”. Let’s take a look at who are the winning start-ups of the 2022 edition!

SphereCube (Booth 12.0-B81A)

The Italian start-up presents a 3D printing technology capable of manufacturing products in composite materials fully automatically, without any geometric limitations, without using molds and with less environmental impact. SphereCube’s patented system is Thermal Laser Curing: thanks to the interaction of the laser sources with the raw materials involved in the process, this system is capable of producing composite parts with continuous fiber reinforcement and thermosetting matrix. According to the company, what differentiates its technology from competitors is the heat source curing system, designed to improve wetting and bonding of the fiber reinforcement, the matrix and also between the different 3D printed layers.

Formnext 2022 start-up

Photo credits: Sphere Cube

Rivelin Robotics (Booth 12.0-B41)

The British start-up will present its solution dedicated to automated, fast and reliable post-processing of AM metal parts and components at Formnext 2022. To avoid the costs associated with post-processing (more than 30% of the unit cost of the part), Rivelin has developed robots that take care of the removal of the supports and the finishing. The robots are guided by the NetShape control software. The machine reduces human risk and variability. Robert Bush, CEO of Rivelin Robotics, commented: “It is exciting and encouraging to see the work of the Rivelin Robotics team recognized in this way. We work tirelessly to develop and demonstrate our solution for automated post-processing of metal parts. We are now in a position to do so and look forward to showing Formnext visitors the progress we’ve made and the solutions we can offer for your AM metal fabrication applications. »

Formnext 2022 start-up

Photo credits: Rivelin Robotics

Post Alpha (Stand 12.0-B81G)

The Polish start-up has developed and patented a technology to modify polymer powders on demand. Its SpheroNANO solution improves the sphericity and roundness of a wide variety of this material, including post-industrial powders. If the sphericity and roundness of the polymer powder are high, the material’s flow properties, which are crucial for high-quality 3D printing, will be better. The company is currently focusing on developing a compact device for R&D labs, while working on new SLS powders. “At Alpha Powders, we are on a mission to revolutionize the powder printing industry by introducing scalable technologies that will reduce the cost of existing materials to the consumer and enable the rapid development of new, functional and durable products”added Dominik Zdybal, co-founder and CEO of the company.

Formnext 2022 start-up

Photo credits: AlphaPowders

Photosynthetic (stand 12.0-B81H)

Photosynthetic offers a fast and cost-effective 3D microprinting solution that differs from regular 3D microprinting, typically produced using conventional methods such as two-photon lithography (TPL) and stereolithography (SLA). The Dutch start-up’s patented technology, on the other hand, uses an optical system, resins based on single-photon polymerization and computer algorithms to control the print. All of this overcomes the limitations of traditional methods in terms of speed, design freedom, cost or resolution. Its micro 3D printer allows fast micro printing (50 mm3/hour) in high resolution mode (<1 micron). Photosynthetic's goal is to create ultra-fast and cost-effective machines for mass production and/or microsystem prototyping, with the ultimate goal of seeing other technologies created and brought to market through their solutions.

Formnext 2022 start-up

Photo credits: Photosynthetic

LATTICE MEDICAL (booth 12.0-B81B)

Lattice Medical is a French start-up that has developed, in collaboration with the University Hospital of Lille-France, a patented 3D technology to print breast implants with a biopolymer capable of regenerating breast tissue in three to six months. The Mat

Sascha F. Wenzler, Vice President of Formnext, commented on the Formnext Start-Up Challenge 2022 in these terms: “Each year, young companies in the additive manufacturing sector take technological and application innovations to the next level and continue to impress with the increasing quality of their developments and business models. Once again, these companies highlighted the great potential of this industry, highlighting the fact that the sector is producing significant developments that will influence our industry, medicine and other areas of life in the future.”

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Cover photo credits: Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH

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