the Touraine start-up that wants to digitize company boards

Nuäg has started to offer its digitization solution to the Social and Economic Committees (CSE). As for the governing bodies, general meeting, board of directors and supervisory board, the platform covers the entire process of these joint meetings held monthly in companies.

Upstream, it manages both invitations and voting powers. The CSE course itself can be taught in different formats: at a distance (via videoconference), face-to-face or in a hybrid mode.

Thanks to a system of physical or dematerialized terminals, Nuäg then returns the votes before generating the minutes for the participants. Benjamin Souloumiac, one of the founders of Nuäg and former strategy consultant at Accenture, explains the strengths of the solution:

The advantages of digitizing organizations are of several orders.. The limitation or absence of travel has, in the first place, a positive economic and ecological impact. Paper and postage savings are the second to consider. Last advantage, finally, is the time savings for the often tedious preparation downstream and upstream. »

Achieving Trusted Third Party status was an essential step

It is noting that the vote of the company’s shareholders at general meetings was regularly subject to errors and disputes that Benjamin Souloumiac, Adrien Prokopowicz and Paul Stenne decided in 2019 to extend the advisory activity of their Nuäg firm, with a fully secure platform of the same name.

The issue of validating votes by electronic signature is central to the new digital tool. For the company to obtain trusted third party status, the trio had to comply with French regulations and European eIDAS certification standards. Objective, to allow full traceability of the voting process and full integrity of the results. The acceleration of teleworking and the multiplication of remote meetings since the 2021 health crisis validated, even amplified, the founders’ intuition about the merits of digitizing governance bodies.

A competitive but still young market

Nuäg operates with major accounts such as HSBC, Mutualité française, the economic development agency Paris & co and La French Tech. Various federations such as the shoe and bridge federations are also among the users of the platform. At a regional level, it has also been adopted by Medef Touraine and the pharmaceutical industry cluster Pole Pharma, based in Chartres in Eure et Loir.

If Nuäg does not specify its 2022 revenue forecast, the company, which employs 10 staff in Tours and Paris, claims to have 200 customers in its portfolio. For a paid subscription that varies according to the number of users and workstations, the Touraine platform starts to compete with the start-ups Neovot in the electronic voting, and Wechooz, a young shooter already well established in the segment of social committees. of dematerialized companies. . Easyquorum software, acquired in 2021 by Wolters Kluwer France, is also a leading competitor to Nuäg.

Extension to employee savings and co-ownership niches

The second fundraising of 1 million euros that the start-up’s leaders hope to complete in the first half of 2023 gives it a glimpse of new development perspectives.

A year ago, Nuäg had already brought Val de France Angels, the local structure of the France Angels national network, to his capital for a €400,000 ticket.

Thanks to the future financial contribution, the company intends to invest in the employee savings market, which involves several hundred thousand employees in France. Digitization will allow them to participate, with complete transparency, in the strategic decisions of the investment funds that manage their savings.

To strengthen its growth, Nuäg finally relies on the emerging market of digitized co-ownership general meetings. In this context, it intends to rely on the mechanisms for simplifying and reducing the costs of the AG and the union council, provided for in the Elan law of 2018, to accelerate their dematerialization.