Stellantis promises 6 new electric cars made in France but not yet “affordable”

At the Paris Motor Show, Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares announced the production in France of 6 new 100% electric models in the coming years. Very sophisticated models, while the new state aid should target the most modest families.

When will there be an affordable electric car made in France? This is the question on everyone’s lips in the corridors of the Mondial de l’Auto, which has just opened its doors in Paris. Four years after the previous edition, the 2020 edition, paid the price of the covid pandemic, we discovered a fair with few “historical” manufacturers present, but some Chinese manufacturers ready to launch their offer in Europe.

12 Stellantis electric cars made in France in 2025

A particular context, while the Old Continent chose to ban the sale of new thermal cars, including hybrids, from 2035. Clearly, car manufacturers will only be able to sell electric, battery or hydrogen cars.

The opportunity for Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares to announce the production of six new 100% electric cars in France by 2025, or twelve in total. Currently, the DS3 and Opel Mokka are assembled in Poissy, and we can add four utilities produced in Hordain. The six “new models” are more like confirmations: the 308, 308 break and 408 in Mulhouse, to which we add the successors of the 3008 and 5008 in Sochaux, and the future SUV Citroën in Rennes.

For more targeted and “patriotic” help?

Vehicles that will not really be accessible, while public aid must increasingly focus on disadvantaged families. The ecological bonus must therefore be increased to 7000 euros next yearbut targeting the most modest families, as well as future lease at 100 euros per month whose contours are still unclear.

At the same time, the idea of ​​public aid that would be conditional on the production of the vehicle and its battery in Europe gained ground. With a big problem that would then arise: which “affordable” electric vehicles to be eligible for these subsidies that aim to democratize the electric car?

“We all know that, for 30 years, the purchasing power of the European middle class was based on the fact that we imported manufactured products from low-cost countries”, summarized Carlos Tavares, during a roundtable with the press organized on the sidelines of the Paris car.

No cheap French electricity in the short term

The Stellantis boss does not doubt, however, the ability of European car manufacturers to “adapt” to this new context:

“Yes, of course we can adapt, really that’s all we do. We spend our time adapting, to crises, to new regulations, to geopolitical tensions.”

But how long? For Carlos Tavares, an “affordable” car made in France is clearly not a short-term option:

“An electric car for less than 20,000 euros produced in France in the next 3 to 5 years, I don’t believe it.”

His wish: to see the return of aid for hybrid vehicles “already allowing CO2 emissions to be reduced by half compared to a model over 15 years old” and offer a real possibility to switch cars for the middle classes.

“The dogmatic decision that was taken to sell only electric cars in 2035 (in the EU) has uncontrollable social consequences. This layer of dogma must now be complemented by a layer of pragmatism”, stressed Carlos Tavares.

Can Renault do this?

Renault is also betting on the electric vehicle and made in France, with emphasis on the renaissance of the R5 and the 4L, which will be produced in Douai and Maubeuge. With sales scheduled for 2024 and 2025, however, it is difficult to talk about sales prices. The diamond brand remains on the idea of ​​a “popular” electric car, below 30,000 euros, but would still aim for a minimum price of 20,000 euros for the future R5.

Case next, with a Chinese offensive that must be put into perspective for the moment. Only MG, which belongs to the Chinese group SAIC, already offers vehicles at affordable prices, with its latest compact MG4 starting at €29,000 without subsidy. The other manufacturers, such as those present at Mondial, BYD and Great Wall Motors, are starting with a very sophisticated offering.

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