More than 800 km of autonomy for this electric van as familiar as it is sporty

The young Chinese brand Zeekr formalizes its 009, a high-end electric van already announced a few weeks ago. It is the first model in the world to use the CATL Qilin 3.0 battery, capable of offering a range of 1,000 kilometers. But in reality it is a little different.

Last August, the brand Zeekr, a subsidiary of the Chinese group Geely (Volvo, Lynk & Co and Lotus) founded in 2021, announced the launch of two new models. It was then about the Zeekr 001, a high-end sedan rival of the Tesla Model S and the Mercedes EQS, as well as an electric van. Called Zeekr 009, the latter had also revealed some images of its interior at the end of October.

Range up to 822 km

A few weeks later, the company finally reveals all the features of its new vehicle, the Zeekr 009 electric van, which is now available in two versions, as explained by the Chinese website. CNEVPost. The first comes standard with two engines, offering a power of 400 kW, equivalent to 543 horsepowerfor a torque of 686 Nm.

0 to 100 km/h is then reached in just 4.5 seconds, while this version has a 116 kW battery, allowing the electric van to travel up to 702 kilometers on a single charge in accordance with the less rigorous Chinese CLTC cycle. than our European WLTP which would give about 600 km of autonomy.

But that is not all. A second version is also available, allowing the Zeekr 009 to become the world’s first vehicle to be equipped with the Qilin CTP 3.0 battery developed by Chinese giant CATL. With a capacity of 140 kWh, it theoretically allows you to reach 80% in just 5 minutes, but the brand’s website advertises 28 minutes to go from 10 to 80%.

However, the maximum charging power has not been specified at the moment, while the range of this version is announced at 822 kilometers CLTC. On the WLTP cycle, expect about 700 km. distinguished by its cell-to-pack architecture with its cells directly integrated into the chassis, this battery allows a vehicle to travel up to 1,000 kilometers on a single charge. A distance that varies, obviously, depending on the road conditions, but also on the weight of the car.

high level positioning

5.21 meters long and a generous wheelbase of 3.21 meters, the Zeekr 009 is a large electric van that can accommodate up to six people, spread over three rows of seats. as the website says Is at home, the trunk has a volume that varies between 590 and 1,295 liters, allowing for up to six suitcases. The driving position is equipped with a 15.6-inch screen, combined with a digital instrument cluster. However, we don’t know if the infotainment system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. An additional screen is also deployed from the roof to the rear seat occupants.

The electric van too equipped with semi-autonomous driving thanks to 12 ultrasonic radars as well as several HD cameras. Thus, the vehicle can drive on the road and make lane changes, as Tesla offers in particular with its autopilot and its FSD autonomous driving system. Further driving aids will be offered to customers thanks to OTA remote updates. The interior of the vehicle is very luxurious, as we discovered in a dedicated article.

price and availability

First deliveries of Zeekr 009 are expected to start in January 2023while it will take at least 588,000 yuan, equivalent to 81,695 euros according to the current exchange rate for the version with the Qilin battery styling the range.

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The Zeekr 009, the high-end electric van from Chinese manufacturer Geely, shows itself a little more. Its interior looks huge, as you can even fold out the third-row seats!
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