▷ 7 digital marketing trends not to miss in 2023

To make a solid short-term plan, it’s important to keep an eye on where you’re going in the long-term. No one can say with 100% certainty what the future of marketing will look like, but we can expect marketing to evolve strategically. So what are the most important digital marketing trends we are likely to see in 2023?

1. Podcasts

Nearly 90% of marketers use short-form audio content to drive potential customers to engage with their business or brand. This type of content must be impactful and have quality sound to attract the target. Having paid off in 2021, it is frequently used on various social networks such as TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat.

Are you still a beginner? Read on to start your first podcast.

2. Artificial intelligence

Will 2021 be the year of the rise of robots? It might be. We’ve already seen huge strides in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years and an increase in the number of companies using AI-based automation to support their marketing efforts.

AI is one of the key technologies behind voice search and smart assistants. It also gave rise to chatbots, which are now appearing on more websites than ever before.

Artificial intelligence and marketing automation help eliminate some of the tedious work of marketing so brands can focus on strategy, create a successful customer experience, and optimize real-time tracking of:

  • The evolution of your website traffic;
  • The automatic launch of your advertising campaigns;
  • Your purchase history on e-commerce sites;
  • The study of the needs and behavior of Internet users as part of the user journey.

3. Webinars

Used both in B2C and B2B, the webinar or online seminar aims to attract new prospects to convert them into customers, to retain them later. This digital marketing strategy was launched during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic to create a climate of proximity, trust and pave the way for direct interaction with participants.

Organized under different themes, the webinar must be well prepared and mastered. It is recommended to use it as a regular meeting time for it to be effective.

4. Live streaming will continue to grow in popularity

Live streaming is gaining popularity due to the emergence of social platforms like TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram that offer live video content. In 2023, live streaming will become even more popular as more companies use it to reach their target audience and Y generation.

In 2021, consumers spent 548 billion hours streaming content via mobile devices. Influencer marketing becomes even more effective when combined with live streaming, allowing potential customers to engage directly with influencers who discuss and showcase products first-hand.

5. Influencer Marketing

Speaking of influencer marketing, 2022 has definitely seen an increase in this marketing strategy, and the trend will continue to grow in 2023. Influencer marketing, which was once just the domain of a few marketers, has now become the strategy of choice for virtually all companies with an online presence. Companies that work with influencers can achieve great returns on investment through increased sales and brand awareness.

According to marketers, influencers help increase return on investment or ROI. Present on social networks, they regularly present all types of content to their subscribers. These opinion leaders really allow for quick visibility and a high conversion rate.

6. Social Commerce

Social commerce is not new, but it is becoming a common form of shopping. Brands are becoming smarter than ever to leverage influencer marketing, create ads that fit neatly into social media feeds, and integrate their e-commerce platforms with social media channels.

Live shopping, defined as teleshopping 2.0, presents products in streaming or through live videos. According to an analysis by McKinsey, compared to traditional sales channels, live shopping generates a 10x higher conversion rate. Faced with such success, Facebook and Amazon respectively launched Shopping Direct and Amazon Live, their Live Shopping platform.

Instagram and TikTok have also been particularly influential in accelerating the social commerce trend. Instagram Checkout makes it easier than ever for brands to advertise and sell their products through the platform.

Tik Tok, on the other hand, is a complete game-changer in influencer marketing with tools like Creator Marketplace, where brands can find creators that match their products and interests, and Tik Tok Shopping, which lets brands engage more meaningfully with customers through the application.

7. Video Content

Everyone hates the idea of ​​reading long texts on websites. People are more attracted to motion graphics because they provide more information in less time. Therefore, it is ideal to incorporate video content into your digital marketing strategy from 2023 onwards, if you have not already done so, to keep the user on your page longer.

Videos are captivating and successful in capturing the user’s attention. So use engaging videos to make the audience stop and watch your webpage. It’s a great way to promote your business by including your best selling points in your video.

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