AliExpress Knocks Out Rivals, 10 Crazy Offers This Tuesday Night

Single Day is already on AliExpress. This first day of November 1, 2022 announces the start of this new global operation. Alibaba Group made it the biggest e-commerce day in the world thanks to crazy discounts. To save money on your purchases, you won’t find better. Black Friday pales in comparison.

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For Single Day, AliExpress doesn’t do things by halves. In fact, it starts this new edition with very aggressive offers that target references as popular as premium, and all the big brands are on board. As of 8 am this morning, we have seen unprecedented reductions in a multitude of products. Enthusiasm is already strong for the event, the first ruptures have already taken place.

Singles Day Offer Ranking:

Like every year, Singles Day is a special operation that requires you to be very welcoming. All offers are subject to time and stock restrictions as available units remain limited on all discounted products. Once the offers disappear, they must not return until the end of the event, knowing that their return will be at the base rate.

Single Day, the largest e-commerce operation

Single Day is a celebration that has been around since the 1990s. Before being a special operation on AliExpress, it was a day dedicated to singles, so the official date for this event is 11.11, the number 1 representing individuality (and celibacy) over contrary to the number 2 which may be related to the symbol of the couple. By the way, the online shopkeeper carried out its operation on this date, but decided to slightly revise the codes for this new edition.

Since its launch, Single Day has become the largest special operation in the world. On November 11th alone, AliExpress generated over $84.5 billion in sales last year, significantly more than Black Friday or Prime Day on Amazon. Roughly speaking, this one-day operation is 7x bigger than Black Friday. In the end, it is therefore logical that the merchant set out to conquer new countries like France a few years ago.

This year, Singles Day on AliExpress takes place from the 1st to the 12th of November. The event is therefore extended over a longer period, this is the first time this has happened. Consequently, there may be two highlights during this special operation, the first taking place this Tuesday, November 1st, as this is the launch of this new edition. Now is when the ruptures will begin, as many are waiting for that date to do business.

The other highlight of the Single Day will be the date of 11.11 and then 12.11, simply because this is the official date of the event and then the last day to enjoy it. We recommend that you secure your favorite references today as prices are not intended to drop any further in the coming days, the best prices are displayed as soon as offers are placed online, unlike sales for example – where prices drop overtime.

The biggest brands in the spotlight

AliExpress is one of the biggest online merchants in the world. It has stood out in the market for years with premium offers on the main references during the Single Day. For this, it relies on its privileged relationships with Asian brands, which allows it to offer much more attractive prices than any other competitor.

Among the best offers of this Singles Day, AliExpress does not hesitate to highlight the big brands. Since this morning, you have the possibility to find crazy prices on products from Roborock, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Poco, Dreame or Tineco. No manufacturer is spared by the cyber merchant, where current reductions can be as low as -50% even on bestsellers which nevertheless sell perfectly well without a discount.

If the big brands are on board for this new edition of Single Day, and what types of products are involved? It must be recognized that it is the same thing, because AliExpress presents offers that target all your referrals. In the lot, technology is obviously honored with very relevant discounts on smartphones, vacuum cleaners, screens, connected bracelets… .

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Benefits galore on AliExpress

Single Day on AliExpress is not just about price. In fact, the online merchant is aware that users should be reassured so that they can place an order without risk on their website. That’s why it’s matched the competition in Europe and France, which means you have everything you need to secure your favorite deals with peace of mind. The first advantage is free and free delivery, generally carried out in approximately 3 working days directly from a warehouse located in France.

At the same time, AliExpress obviously respects the legal withdrawal period in France during the Single Day, which is 14 days after the delivery of your package. This period is mandatory, it allows the customer to return an order without charges or supporting documents to be refunded for the entire product.

Finally, know that the guarantees for the products promoted by AliExpress for the Single Day are the same as for official brands. This should also be taken into account when placing your orders during this large-scale operation in your home.

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