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Are you looking for connected and qualified regulated maintenance? Company with a mission, WeMaintain is your solution!

Optimize the maintenance of your devices: make savings rhyme with responsiveness

Regular maintenance of your equipment contributes to your company’s good reputation. In fact, there is nothing more irritating to your employees or potential customers than being stuck by broken devices while you are desperately waiting for a repair. Elevator, escalators, fire safety system, automatic doors, heating and air conditioning, maintaining your appliances can be time-consuming and expensive. What impact can maintenance operations have on your CSR policy? Is it possible to use the data collected by your devices to improve the performance of your buildings?

Regulated maintenance: the unsuspected ally of your CSR policy

Who says CSR approaches says integration of environmental and social issues within the company. Managers and owners ensure better use of the energy resources of their structure. Thanks to regular and effective maintenance of equipment, it is possible to reduce the building’s carbon footprint and its GHG emissions. In full expansion, the start-up WeMaintain offers you an adapted maintenance that pursues several ecological goals:

· Monitor and optimize the energy consumption of your equipment;

· Extend the life of your equipment;

· Avoid premature replacement of parts or costly modernization work;

· Reduce paper usage thanks to fully dematerialized solutions.

WeMaintain contributes to proactive management of its assets. Choosing your method, which combines innovative technology and a skilled technician, means controlling your maintenance costs and your budget. For example, there is a 25% savings on the total cost of building maintenance with the Wemaintain solution. In addition, the company provides an interactive dashboard where you will find detailed quarterly reports. This customized tool facilitates informed decision making and better management of your capital expenditures (CAPEX). In fact, its technology offers a global view of your fleet. Thus, you have complete and accurate information to anticipate possible breakdowns and optimize your construction.

In addition, in a context where teleworking is gaining strength, it is essential to create a pleasant, adapted and flexible face-to-face work environment. Employees and decision makers look for comfort but also efficiency. Reducing damage allows you to improve your living conditions and spaces. With the advent of the smart building, WeMaintain relies on cutting-edge technology to enhance the user experience.

More efficient buildings in the age of digitization

Nowadays, the performance of buildings no longer depends only on their location or layout, but also on the user experience. It is now about collecting and using data to respond more precisely to the needs of users. At WeMaintain, various connected object projects contribute to a better understanding of your buildings and the paths of their occupants. Thanks to their IoT technology, how were they able to combine field data and tailored services?

Firstly, WeMaintain has developed sensors for the regular maintenance of its devices. For the elevator, for example, this innovative box is installed on the roof of the cabin. It records various information in real time: the altitude of your aircraft, your position in the pit, the opening of the doors, etc. Remotely, WeMaintain tracks all elevator movements and can, a posteriori, compare this data over a specific period. Analyzing the collected data has many advantages:

· Allows you to prepare interventions in loco;

· Helps to anticipate breakdowns by identifying possible breakdowns;

· Facilitates the implementation of an action plan to resolve recurring problems.

In addition, the box collects information about traffic, busiest floors, number of people in the cabin, etc. It will thus have the necessary indicators to analyze the flows and improve the lives of the occupants. Also, whoever says maintenance says parts should be replaced. So how do you ensure fast orders and deliveries without prolonged service interruptions? WeMaintain internally designed the WeSupply application that allows its technicians to manage and order spare parts. Thanks to the data collected from your fleet, your catalog includes thousands of references, including those adapted to your elevators. Thus, they guarantee the delivery of standard parts within 48 hours and special parts within 5 days. The WeSupply tool simplifies purchasing by gathering supplier references, order information and delivery data.

20% of the park supervised by WeMaintain is equipped with IoT boxes. And the results are convincing: on average, WeMaintain services divide the number of failures by 3. This 360° view of the devices satisfies both users and managers. While its services are enhanced by innovative technology, the human experience remains at the heart of its commitments.

Strong commitments at the service of the user’s peace of mind.

A committed company, WeMaintain promotes fair remuneration for its certified technicians (more than 10 years of experience) and a better distribution of its workload. In fact, they take care of a fleet of around 80 devices, a reasonable number that guarantees quality work. They are capable of repairing all devices regardless of brand or technology. Proud of its experience, WeMaintain values ​​its technicians by entrusting them with more responsibilities, giving them more time and equipping them with high-performance tools. How do these compromises improve the peace of mind for building occupants? ?

Not chasing the clock or deadlines, your dedicated technician has time to complete all regulatory checks. This targeted and comprehensive maintenance allows problems to be detected and reacted quickly. Indeed, WeMaintain 100% respects its contractual conditions in terms of clearance time, intervention in the event of a breakdown and the scheduling of mandatory visits. In case of an emergency, you are not dispersed among different interlocutors because you have your own dedicated technician. . By knowing the history of the repairs carried out, your interventions are more precise and efficient. With complete transparency, you have the intervention reports in your MyWemaintain customer area. In addition to reactive technicians, there is an operational team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A company with a mission since 2020, also B-corp and EcoVadis certified, WeMaintain is committed to making the best use of its resources. Several initiatives should be highlighted: the delivery of spare parts by electric cargo bike, the repair of electronic boards instead of systematically changing them and the use of containers instead of boxes.

WeMaintain, simplified maintenance of your elevators and much more!

In full expansion, WeMaintain has 160 employees in 3 countries: France, UK, Singapore. The teams work to satisfy more than 850 large clients (BNP Paribas Real Estate, Swisslife, Allianz, Savills, etc.). Do you also want to opt for maintenance so effective that it ends up being forgotten? Contact Bpifrance le HUB for an expert to identify your needs and get in touch with WeMaintain.

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