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Renault Mobilize recently presented its new Duo, which will replace the Twizy. This new electric car has the particularity of being able to be driven from the age of 14 and offers excellent autonomy.

Electric cars are increasingly popular as the oil crisis continues to escalate. But the market was above all surprised by the creation of a new category: small town cars that don’t look like much, but they are as affordable as they are fun to drive. In this field, it is the Citroën Ami that has managed to shine.

Renault recently responded to this through its Mobilize brand. We are already preparing for the arrival of Mobilize duoa small car that we will consider as a quadricycle that has many particularities… and advantages.

What is Renault Mobilize Duo?

If you stopped at thermal engines without being too interested in electrics, the new car from the Mobilize brand will be easier to understand if you compare it to the Smart. But if, you know, these tiny two seater which have the great advantage of being able to park and sneak around everywhere. The Mobilize Duo is of the same kind: it’s a two-seater quad whose second place is located behind the driver. The passenger can climb up to 1.80 m in height, and the front seat slides 20 centimeters to allow access to the seat.

It’s his size that is most surprising. Here we have a “car” 2.43 meters long, 1.20 meters wide and 1.46 meters high. To give you an idea, you can easily park three Mobilize Duos in a common parking space. However, the vehicle’s safety has not been diminished as it is encased in large armor that is easy to repair and replace for easy production. That’s also why the body is plasticunpainted, which you can customize in multiple sticker options in 6 predefined areas.

You can also count on an airbag in the front of the vehicle, a large speaker in the cabin and a USB C port to connect your smartphone, which will thus become the multimedia “brain” of the Mobilize Duo. Storage is available and will accommodate two cabin bags. It is also possible to transform this space to optimize it for people with reduced mobilityand so store a folding wheelchair.

To charge the vehicle you will need to use a type 2 socket available at most public terminals. A standard outlet is also available, especially for home use.

Who can drive the Renault Mobilize Duo?

Renault Mobilize Duo can be driven without a license in its first version limited to 45 km/h. The vehicle is thus categorized as a light quadricycle, in the same way as classic teenagers’ scooters.

A second variant that can drive up to 80 km/h however, it will require the traditional B license for heavy quads.

What is the range of the Renault Mobilize Duo?

Renault and its Mobilize group announced range of up to 140 kilometers for Mobilize Duo, but pending certification. It thus places itself well above its competitors such as the Citroën Ami or the previous Renault model, the Twizy.

As mentioned before, you will have to rely on a Type 2 cable to recharge it at public terminals. However, it is possible to use a standard cable to recharge it, especially at home. However, we don’t have details on the specifics of the battery it uses or its average recharge time.

The Mobilize Duo utility version

Please note that this Mobilize Duo will not only be available as a single car. A utility version is also planned, nicknamed Bento by the company. This one is made from its second seat in the back to accommodate a large 700 liter closed trunk, also in plastic.

You won’t be able to buy the Renault Mobilize Duo, at least when it’s released. This vehicle will actually offered for long-term rental with a three-month minimum subscription. To order it, it will necessarily go through the official website of the brand, which is not yet available. For now, the Mobilize Duo is simply presented to the public for the Paris Motor Show 2022.

The Bento utility version will also be available for long-term rental, but for professionals only, from 2024. Note that for these projects, Renault is looking to concentrate production on French soil.

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