Which electric vehicle for which use?

Arval Mobility Observatory Zoom – Europe has opted for the all-electric. However, voices question the battery-powered car’s truly green character. Ademe points out in particular that only models with a battery of less than 60 kWh are really beneficial for the environment.

While the Paris Motor Show gave pride of place to electric and electrified vehicles and the entire European automotive industry is preparing to stop producing thermal models from 2035 (i.e. tomorrow) in the name of the fight against global warming, more and more voices are being raised to “question” the truly green nature of the electric car…

At the same time, politicians, no doubt still traumatized by the “yellow vests” crisis and often elected, are asking for financial incentives to support low-income families in this same ecological transition, so that they can wait one day, to be able to buy these famous models. electric, guarantees of your future freedom of movement.

Until now, doubts and obstacles to the adoption of electric vehicles revolved mainly around the offer of available models, autonomy and sufficient coverage of the territory in charging stations. Today, the debate has shifted to another camp.

According to a study carried out by Ipsos for the Paris Motor Show (1), the French have a mixed relationship with electric vehicles. Who tried, adopted. They say they are convinced by this technology and believe they made the right choice. And up to 78% say they are “proud” to have made the leap. They still have to do it.

However, according to Ipsos, seven out of ten French people say they are skeptical about the “possibility of an upcoming global shift to electric in the automobile“. And only one in ten French people thinks that the electric vehicle meets their needs…

There is, therefore, at the very least, an enormous need for information on the strengths of the electrical ecosystem. Especially as 23% of respondents expressed their uncertainty about the real impact of electricity on the climate. Even though Europe has established a clear link between CO2 emissions, global warming and the use of thermal vehicles, the French obviously do not have the same reading.

Ademe’s latest opinion on electric vehicles brings a series of recommendations in this regard that can clarify the debate. “If the electrification of the car fleet is an essential lever, it is not, however, sufficient for the transition to be fully effective at an environmental, social and economic level. Deploying electric cars must also be climate-friendly, accessible to all and limit their impact on the electrical grid.“, asks Ademe beforehand.

Among its recommendations, that of battery size is worrying. To ensure environmentally friendly mobility, a battery of less than 60 kWh should be preferred. “With a larger battery, environmental interest is not guaranteed“, she adds.

In other words, driving in small models like the Peugeot e-208 or the Renault Zoé is good for the planet, unlike driving an electric SUV. Ademe even made its calculations: compared to a compact diesel sedan, the carbon debt is repaid after approximately 15,000 km for a small city-type electric vehicle, whereas it is only repaid after 100,000 km for a high-end electric SUV.

Replicating the thermal vehicle use model in the electric vehicle, therefore, will not be enough. The electric car will not replace the thermal vehicle for all its uses“, conclude the authors of the Ademe study, which will not fail to comfort some and worry some.

The moral of the story, as it would have been said Source, is that there is no single solution in the fight against global warming. And that the Coué method has its limits. This had already been verified at the time when diesel was adorned with all virtues, even if it was not suitable for all uses. We see what fate is in store for him since…

Arval Mobility Observatory

(1). Ipsos Digital survey carried out in France on October 1 and 2, 2022 among 1,000 individuals, representing the French population over 18 years of age.

(two). https://presse.ademe.fr/2022/10/mondial-de-lautomobile-lademe-publie-son-avis-sur-le-vehicule-electrique-une-batterie-de-taille-raisonnable-assure-une- Climate-and-economic-relevance.html

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