Sorius selected at Lisbon Web Summit as a start-up!

Later IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator who selected sorius and its coaching solution for cyclists in its 2022 promotion of the most promising startups in terms ofArtificial intelligence, sorius this time it is selected around the WebSummit of Lisbon as startup Alpha which takes place from November 1st to 4th. As a reminder, Niels Brouzes is the founder of the platform sorius, Alexandre Rispalthe co-founder… and they offer state-of-the-art training at an affordable price. Niels Brouzes was a professional cyclist from 2002 to 2010 on the Stéphane Javalet – Big Mat -Auber93. Champion of France in the category of hopes, winner of the Tour du Finistère in the Coupe de France among professionals, he has advised many professional and amateur runners for more than 10 years using his method of support.

Video – Niels Brouzes is the founder of the Sorius platform!

Alexandre Rispal, you are the co-founder of Sorius responsible for business development in France and internationally. After the company’s integration into the IBM/Village Capital global accelerator program, Sorius was selected in the Alpha program of the Web Summit in Lisbon, in the past the selected Alpha startups were Twitter or Spotify as an example. Its international ambitions are realized very quickly. Tell us about Sorius’ presence at the Web Summit in Lisbon, one of the biggest meetings for startups in Europe that takes place from the 1st to the 4th of November?

AIR: Sorius is a company whose vocation is to support cyclists around the world. Our adaptable coaching platform incorporates unique technological innovations. The Web Summit welcomes 70,000 attendees, including the world’s biggest investors and leading technology companies across all industries. After a rigorous selection process, we were hired in the Alpha program with the possibility of benefiting from an on-site stand in the Sportech sector. This is a tremendous recognition of Sorius’ international potential.

Since joining IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator in the US, has your global vision accelerated?

FROG : We received hundreds of customer inquiries this summer from Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and even the US. We were thinking of moving forward in 12 months abroad. In light of these requests, we decided to accelerate our opening to respond to the needs of the cycling community, which exceeds 15 million in Europe. From the first quarter of 2023, several European countries will be able to benefit from Sorius coaching, which will remain at the same price, 10 euros per month.

According to you, Sorius’ goal is to become a leader in cycling training, like Zwift or Strava, is that feasible?

FROG : More than a goal, it is part of our DNA. Sorius is a global cycling training brand that offers an ecosystem that is enriched every day to live your passion to the fullest. Is this achievable? We are convinced that it is quite possible to build a European and world champion from the Grand-Est region. We have the cycling know-how with Niels Brouzes and our ambassadors, we have the technological know-how with our IT team and Florent Polizzi (co-founder of Sorius), we have the business know-how. The main danger would be not going fast enough.

With the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, could Sorius become a flagship of French sport?

FROG : Our ambition is to gradually support all cyclists. From cyclists to people who use the bike to take care of themselves without performance ambitions. The Olympic Games will be a great celebration of healthy sport and a great time to encourage people to use the bicycle as an eco-friendly mode of transport. As such, we are active in several initiatives: supporting young athletes to realize their dream of participating in the Olympic Games through a reward policy, strong investment in CyclingTech France to help structure cycling start-ups. We see in the Olympics the great opportunity to make France win in cycling! As such, Sorius will be a must at sporttech.

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