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Three contracts signed with innovative national companies and start-ups will allow Sonatrach to obtain specific equipment previously imported in foreign currency.

The integration of private or public companies in the national market is one of the objectives of the National Hydrocarbons Company. A course she keeps. Among the seven contracts it signed last Thursday, five were with national companies, including innovative companies and start-ups. It should be noted that the country, which intends to reduce its dependence on hydrocarbon exports, has favored start-ups, to the point of dedicating a national conference to them in early October 2020. The oil and gas sector remains in line with forward to breathe new life into the national economy, orienting it towards wealth-generating investments. Three equipment supply contracts were signed, in this perspective, during the ceremony held on the 27th of October, which took place at the headquarters of Sonatrach’s general management, with innovative national companies and start-ups. What will be its repercussions? These contracts allow Sonatrach to obtain specific equipment for hydrocarbon processing units from innovative Algerian companies that were able to locally manufacture this equipment, previously imported in foreign currency, says the oil group. A contract has been awarded to start-up Gensol for the design, manufacture and installation of two-stage separation equipment at the Hassi Messaoud LPG processing plant (LPG2-HMD) for a value of 140 million dinars. Two other contracts for the design, manufacture and supply of high and low pressure three-phase separators for the Tin Fouiyé Tabenkort (TFT) gas treatment unit were awarded respectively to the national company EPE MAGI and the national company ENCC for an amount of 69 million dinars each. It is worth noting that the development of new sectoral strategies is among the campaign promises of the President of the Republic. Among them are start-ups and micro-enterprises to which a ministry has been dedicated. This unanimously welcomed initiative must take off. Sonatrach has just put her foot in the stirrup. It is not the first time. National Society of Civil Engineering and Buildings “GCB”. A subsidiary of Sonatrach, on September 28, 2022, it effectively signed a partnership agreement in engineering and construction with the British company Petrofac, which should allow the subsidiary to excel in this strategic activity.
The partnership contract between the National Society of Civil Engineering and Building “GCB”, a subsidiary of Sonatrach, and the British company Petrofac in the field of engineering and construction, is a “first” that aims to allow the subsidiary to develop its knowledge in this area of ​​activity. strategy, said its CEO Abdelghani Bendjebba. Two other, no less important, contracts were signed by Sonatrach and two transalpine companies. One was signed with the Italian company Tecnimont for the construction of an LPG extraction plant as part of the development of the Rhourde El Baguel hydrocarbon field in Hassi Messaoued (Ouargla). Its cost is estimated at 56 billion dinars.
The projected processing capacity of this plant is 10 million m3/d of associated gas, allowing the production of 1,000 t/d of LPG, 300 t/d of condensate and 8.7 million m3/d of gas, with completion period of 36 months. The second was concluded between the TFT Group (Sonatrach-Total Energies) and the Italian company Arkad. This involves the construction, in EPCCm (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Construction Management), of a new low pressure compression unit, a collection network that allows the connection of 24 new producing wells to the existing plant, as well as the remodeling of current installations. With a cost of 24 billion dinars, the completion time of this project is 34 months.

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