La Redoute is rejuvenated: the saga continues

At nearly 100 years old, she speaks like a young woman. With your new logo artistic ” and ” in fashion she also wants to speak to Generation Z. For its 100th anniversary, La Redoute is therefore giving itself a new lease of life and a completely different logo… a far cry from the cotton spinning mill it was at the beginning of the last century. ” In less than ten years, La Redoute has evolved a lot, but many people still don’t know it. So it was time to rework our visual identity commented Marie Guillemot, Brand and Communications Director.

A true renaissance, even knowing that former executives Nathalie Balla and Éric Courteille took over, from Kering (formerly Pinault-Printemps-Redoute), a Redoute on the brink of bankruptcy in 2014. After putting together a social plan, the newcomers bet everything at the phygital, with the abandonment of the famous paper catalog, but, again, a reformulation of the offer, acceleration of the collections and also a new logistic model. La Redoute now claims nearly 10 million monthly active customers. It is present in more than 20 countries, with a turnover of 1,046 billion euros in 2020, of which 30% is generated abroad.

Betting on the “phygital”

The historic “mail order” company quickly turned into a pure player omnichannel e-commerce, mainly through the phygital, at the crossroads of physical and digital stores, generating 90% of its online turnover. La Redoute has abandoned its famous paper catalog for image recognition (from a magazine photo, for example, the application allows you to offer similar products) and presence on social networks such as Pinterest or Instagram .

Internally, it is also a true managerial revolution, based on lean managementmultidisciplinary projects, agile methods and above all, the decompartmentalization of services, while focusing on data through the development of your own ” customer data platform ».

“The Big R” is the name now given to La Redoute’s ambition” ensure profitable, sustainable and responsible growth, in the context of a complex, uncertain and increasingly competitive environment », giving himself the mission of « improve family life “. By 2026, La Redoute aims to bring ” new value propositions such as increasingly responsible products and an enhanced customer experience “.

new countries

This, while developing all the different sales channels (marketplace, reverse marketstores in particular through corners at Galeries Lafayette) and accelerating all BtoB activities (furniture products for companies in particular). The e-retailer intends to take advantage of the strength of the Lafayette group to be present in new countries (in particular the Netherlands, Italy, Germany), but also to multiply partnerships and open its market internationally.

For Philippe Berlan, the new Director General, “ the crisis has profoundly reshaped customer behavior: with its new value proposition, La Redoute will offer increasingly responsible products, respecting the environment and purchasing power “, summarized during the inauguration of the last logistics warehouse in Cambrai.

La Redoute’s activity, historically a distance selling company, has in fact always included a large logistical component. Until now there were two warehouses. On one side, the highly automated Quai 30 warehouse in Wattrelos, near Valenciennes, entirely dedicated to fashion clothing and accessories. And on the other, the Quai de l’Escaut in Anzin, near Valenciennes, dedicated to home decor items.

Quai 30 opened in 2016, with an investment of 50 million euros. With more than 42,000 m2, the conveyors process up to 3,500 orders per hour, with the help of storage, automatic carts and other pocket sorters. An order placed over the internet, among 300,000 references, is processed there in two hours and delivered in an average of 24 hours.

Logistics review and moving house and decoration

The Quai de l’Escaut in Anzin provides the logistics for the decoration brands La Redoute Interiors and AM-PM. The subcontractor Log’s (a family group from the north that became a logistics giant when it was acquired by Deret) stores, prepares and sends orders for “furniture” items (sofas, tables, shelves, etc.) for around 70,000 m2. More than a million items arrive there from major imports, through the ports of Antwerp and Dunkirk to Anzin every year (especially by barge), to then be shipped by truck to customers or relay points in France and La Redoute branches.

But that’s without taking into account the exponential increase in activity in the home and decoration sector. Nathalie Balla and Eric Courteille, former co-presidents of e-retailer Roubais, were able to sniff out the decor trend and turn it around.

This segment now represents 70% in turnover value (which is approaching one billion euros in 2020), knowing that the price of a decorative object is generally more expensive than clothing.

third warehouse

La Redoute therefore very quickly sought to set up a third warehouse, the one at Anzin had already reached saturation point for some time. She turned to the E-Valley logistics zone, which was just waiting for a signature to start work, all building permits already purged.

La Redoute thus had an XXL logistics warehouse built in record time (in just one year), dedicated to objects weighing less than 30 kilos, such as rugs, small furniture or technical products. Anzin is now dedicated to the so-called bulky products, that is, over 30 kilos. One of the main advantages of the site is that it is located a few meters from the future Seine Nord canal, under construction and scheduled for 2028. To continue to be supplied by water.

In Cambrai, in this former air base, a first section of buildings measuring 42,000 m2 (7 cells, capacity 330,000 pallets), with a ceiling height of 12.5 meters, was delivered last July.

The thousands of storage shelves, as far as the eye can see, are still not full… But the huge central conveyor, with stations for packing individual items, is already running at full speed.

Here, La Redoute subcontracts GXO, the logistics company resulting from the spin-off of XPO Logistics. This is just the beginning because, as of January 2025, the warehouse will have a total area of ​​110,000 m2, with the creation of 250 jobs.

“Ultimately, the the total capacity can even be increased to 150,000 m2 depending on our needs “, highlighted Sébastien Fauquette, logistics director at La Redoute, during the opening.

O ” in fashion still has a bright future ahead.