Why buy your used electric car at a dealership?

If buying an electric car is usually a profitable long-term investment, the high cost of this type of vehicle can be a roadblock to more than one. If this is your case, a used electric car would be a good alternative. Today there are different ways to make this dream come true. This article invites you to discover the advantages of going to a dealership to buy your used electric car.

Access various attractive offers and financial aid

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To buy a used vehicle, you have the option of contacting a private person directly or going through a dealership. If the first option seems simpler, it does not always allow you to make a good deal. Therefore, it is preferable to buy an overhauled used electric car at the dealership. It is an advantageous option in many ways.

In fact, dealers often websites in which they offer the cars that are available to them. Simply access a dealership’s web platform to choose your electric car from the available catalog. Click on the vehicle of interest to get useful information about your resources it’s him equipment. Depending on your desires, you can carry out a filtered search and compare different offers to quickly find the one that suits you.

In addition to accessing numerous offers, using a dealership to purchase a used electric car also allows you to benefit from some financial advantages. Indeed, in France, this type of car is eligible for a ecological bonus for a few years. This is an aid of 1000 euros granted to those who buy an eco-responsible car. To take advantage of this, you must choose a vehicle whose first registration is at least two years old. Please note that this bonus can be combined with other government aids such as conversion bonus. Depending on the region you reside in, other helpers may be added to this list. Ask your dealer to get the most out of your used electric car purchase.

Benefit from numerous guarantees

When you buy a car from a dealership, the dealership is obligated to notify you of any defects in the vehicle. In addition to this legal and mandatory information, it will also provide you with a commercial guarantee (contractual guarantee). The duration of this warranty often varies from dealer to dealer. But in general, it is valid for six to twelve months from the date of purchase.

As for an electric car battery, know that it enjoys exceptional treatment. In general, the warranty offered by most manufacturers is up to 8 years or 160,000 km. Please note, however, that this warranty may expire prior to the purchase of your used electric car. Don’t worry. Dealers often offer interesting solutions in this regard.

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, you also benefit from a compliance guarantee it is a warranty against hidden defects. In case of failure of the elements in question, you are sure to benefit from a quick and efficient repair at no cost. If necessary, damaged parts are replaced to let you get the most out of your car.

Ensure a reliable and fast transaction

Reliability is a big concern when buying a used car. By choosing to go through a dealer, you put all odds on your side to make a trusted transaction. In fact, this professional has legal obligations that oblige him to carry out safety inspections on the vehicles he sells. In addition, he must inform his customers about the real condition of the car he wants to sell. Needless to say, you can ask for and get a refund if you buy a car that fails a few days after purchase. This is a real advantage that is unfortunately not possible when you buy a used car from a private individual.

The other advantage of buying a used electric car from a dealership is the flexibility regarding payment. As a professional, he makes different payment methods available to his clients. Depending on the case, you can buy in cash or on installments and pay little by little.

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