The Good Mobility: 9 cutting-edge retrofit makers

Bymoss converts the Land Rover Series 2 and 3 Defenders to make them electric. RD

With the wave of consciousness When it comes to preserving the environment and developing the circular economy, individuals have turned to low-emission vehicles whose sales have only increased. On the new side, the evolution has been such that all manufacturers now have at least one model in their range. Discovery of 9 manufacturers specialized in retrofitting.

1. Convert your vehicle with Transition One

The mini reinvented with Transition One.

The mini reinvented with Transition One. RD

To transform an old thermal vehicle into an electric one, the teams at Transition One designed a generic retrofit unit consisting of batteries, electric motor and auxiliary components. With this set, the brand promises reliability and a guarantee equivalent to a new electric vehicle, with a range of more than 100 km, a maximum speed of 110 km/h and a full charge in 5 hours. This unit is adapted according to the different vehicle models selected by Transition One. So far, 6 models make up the offer: Fiat 500 new generation, Renault Twingo 2, Mini new generation, Renault Kangoo 2, Renault Clio 3 and Volkswagen Polo 4. The manufacturer intends to rapidly expand its offerings. Count €5,000 for this operation, help included.


2. Retrofuture, the magician of mechanics

The brand currently offers 5 categories of vintage vehicles.

The brand currently offers 5 categories of vintage vehicles. RD

With batteries today, hydrogen in the future, Retrofuture modernizes cars by replacing their engine with a certified electric unit adapted to the vehicle. The brand currently offers 5 categories of vintage vehicles – small, pleasure, premium, high performance and utility – bringing together a total of 19 models to date. Among the best known: the Mercedes SL, the Jaguar XJ and XJS, several Porsches (911 type G and type 964, 928 and 914, 912), the Land Rover Defender, the Peugeot 504, the older generations of the Beetle, the Fiat 500 and Austin Mini and convertibles like the MG B or the Triumph Spitfire. Prices range from €16,000 to €45,000, with a range of around 180 km and an adequate top speed – from 100 km/h for a Fiat 500 to over 180 km/h for the premium ones.


3. The R-FIT kit

The R-fit kit is intended for older cars, mainly 2hp sedans or 2hp vans.

The R-fit kit is intended for older cars, particularly 2hp sedans
or van type 2CV. cathy duuisson

Designed by the 2CV Méhari Club Cassis, a reference in terms of 2CV, Dyane and Méhari, this kit is intended for old vehicles, mainly 2CV sedans or 2CV vans of the AK400 or AK350 type. The engine is replaced by an electric unit with equivalent performance, keeping the original gearbox, which preserves the characteristic sound of these models. Life PO4 batteries allow a range of 90 km with a full charge in 3 h 30 with a quick charger. Note that this type of battery ensures that it retains 90% of its initial charge after 6 months. This kit can be ordered directly online before being installed at a workshop specializing in the R-FIT approved retrofit network, from €8,900 all-inclusive. It is also possible to buy the new or used electric 2CV directly.

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4. Back to the future with Design 1880

The old generation Fiat 500 from Design 1880.

The old generation Fiat 500 from Design 1880. RD

Design 1880 focused above all on electrifying the latest generation Fiat 500, whether the classic version or the convertible Spiaggina. The retrofitter also offers the conversion of the 600 and 126 models from the same manufacturer, in addition to the famous Austin Mini. The Fiat 500’s advantage lies above all in its limited weight of 595 kg, which limits its energy and battery requirements. The latter, with 12.3 kWh, allows an estimated range of 100 km. The Design 1880 includes in its retrofit kit a digital display displaying maximum driving information, a smartphone holder, as well as a well-designed Bluetooth speaker. In addition, the brand can also take care of the personalization of vehicles, both inside and out. From €18,000 for your transformation.


5. Bymoss, Land Rover Specialist

Full autonomy is recovered after 10 hours of charging.

Full autonomy is recovered after 10 hours of charging. RD

Specialist, Bymoss converts Land Rover Defenders, Series 2 and 3, to make them electric. With its kit, this retrofitter preserves the performance of this legendary vehicle that appeared in 1947 and gives it a second life with a 54 kW engine powered by a 37 kWh battery. A set that silently drives the vehicle for a maximum distance of 160 km, at a maximum speed of 100 km/h. Full autonomy is recovered after 10 hours of charging. However, a supercharger can reduce this time or it is possible to restore 80% charge in 6 hours. Bymoss doesn’t just stop at electrification: it also offers several finishes with five paints
bodywork, three aluminum or steel rims and five leather models (other colors or optional models). Versions 90-110 and 130 will be available from the end of the year.


6. Lormauto, lVanguard

The first Lormautos, based on the Twingo 1, should hit the market by the end of the year.

The first Lormautos, based on the Twingo 1, should hit the market by the end of the year. RD

The brand defines itself as a car manufacturer of a new type that transforms the existing vehicle fleet, which its president, Sébastien Rolo, estimates at 260 million. It uses retrofit technology to convert these cars and allow them to continue their existence on the roads, offering them for rent. Vehicles are fully dismantled, checked, reconditioned and equipped with telemetry ensuring predictive maintenance. Lormauto uses an electric kit that allows it to travel up to 100 km before recharging the batteries at a public terminal or at a simple domestic socket. The rental comes with unlimited mileage, maintenance included and automatic remote updates. The first Lormautos, based on the Twingo 1, should hit the market by the end of the year.


7. e-Neo, the responsible builder

E-Neo works directly with professionals.

E-Neo works directly with professionals. RD

The retrofit company is working on converting part of the vehicle’s drivetrain from internal combustion to electric. It removes the internal combustion engine and various specific components, then finds a new use for them or manages recycling. Its design office defines the solution adapted to the electrical conversion according to the customer’s needs and the vehicle’s characteristics. An electric motor is integrated and associated with a battery and, optionally, a fuel cell (hydrogen). E-Neo works directly with professionals. For any renovation and electrification project of an old vehicle, racing or leisure, it is imperative to contact a renovation specialist, who will entrust the electrical conversion or electrical retrofit part of the project to e-Néo.


8. GCK Mobility combines the modern and the ancient

The Lancia Delta HF Integrale.

The Lancia Delta HF Integrale. RD

GCK Mobility masters all elements of the powertrain (engine, battery, gearbox, VCU, transmission, fuel cell) to convert cars, boats and other vehicles to electricity and hydrogen. Its GCK Exclusiv-e department aims to enhance legendary vehicles with the most innovative materials, integrating the latest technologies in terms of vehicle electrification. The first to leave the workshops will be the Lancia Delta HF Integrale, six-time world rally champion in the 80’s and 90’s. Two versions for this Lancia Delta: the evo-e and the evo-e Rally. They will develop 90 and 147 kW, with torque of 200 and 350 Nm that announce from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.6 s. Only 11 copies for each of these versions that will benefit from a complete restoration in addition to electrification.


9. The two-wheeled vehicle revisited with Noil

Thanks to the Noil electrification kits, it is now possible to transform a Solex and a Peugeot 103.

Thanks to the Noil electrification kits, it is now possible to transform a Solex and a Peugeot 103. RD

Two-wheelers are not forgotten when it comes to retrofitting. The company Noil examined the case of 2 and 3 wheel vehicles proposing their conversion. Thanks to the Noil electrification kits, it is possible to transform a Solex and a Peugeot 103 today, and tomorrow maxi scooters like the Piaggio MP3, the BMW C1 or even the Yamaha XMax. The operator sought to preserve the original aesthetics of these icons, as well as their characteristics. The electrified Solex thus allows it to reach 32 km/h, and offers a range of 30 km thanks to a removable battery that can recover 80% of its charge in 3 h 30. The famous 103, thus modified, reaches 45 km/h and about 60 km with battery charge, also removable. To convert them, simply order the kit online and make an appointment with a partner installer to deliver the vehicle. The operation takes just 48 hours. Count €499 for Solex and €899 for 103, aids included. Noil also offers these models already converted.

> Noil-motors. with

an economic asset

After an implementation period made difficult by Covid, the retrofit market starts to gain strength - The Good Life

The offer in this area is expanding with manufacturers developing increasingly efficient systems (motor-battery-electronics), associated with retrofitters that adapt them to more and more models. “We have all opened up a new market, that of the electric pleasure car, accurate in the blink of an eye -Arnaud Pigounides. We have many orders for these second cars, whether converting a supplied car, or purchasing the included vehicle. » Retrofitters who don’t really compete in this market, where many orient themselves as specialists in one or more types of vehicles: the Fiat in the Design 1880, the 2CV in the MCC, the Defender in the -Bymoss, etc. Run quickly to see what’s sleeping in the back of your garage. It can be your next day-to-day car, for fun or to enter the SPAs.

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