Here are the first 20 French Tech DeepNum20 winners

Deep technology is in the spotlight. These start-ups that deliver breakthrough innovations are at the heart of the third program launched by the French Tech Mission, which focuses on key industries. After Green20 and Agri20, the DeepNum20 program revealed its 20 winners on Thursday, October 27, 2022.

Unlike the French Tech 120 and Next40, which combine “start-ups with confirmed economic models, selected primarily on economic performance criteria”these additional programs “we are committed to selecting younger start-ups with disruptive projects with a strong technological component”detailed Louis Fleuret, deputy director of the French Tech Mission, on the occasion of the opening of the call for applications.

support and visibility

This DeepNum20 program is in line with the ambitions of the France 2030 plan, which aims to support the development of technologies in cybersecurity, the cloud or even artificial intelligence, robotics and 5G. In order to contribute to this support, the French Tech Mission has launched DeepNum20, which offers a variation on the support program offered to French Tech 120 start-ups. The selected young shoots will benefit from a year’s support.

This includes privileged access to the network of French Tech correspondents who are present in around sixty administrations and public services and allow start-ups to quickly find answers to their questions or report any problems encountered. Nuggets will also benefit from being integrated into certain economic diplomacy and visibility actions.

The 20 selected startups

  • Alley: nugget is developing a platform designed to accelerate and secure artificial intelligence projects.
  • Alice and Bob: the start-up seeks to develop a quantum computer based on “perfect qubits”.
  • Admiral Technologies: offers predictive maintenance solutions for the industrial environment.
  • Cailabs: it exploits an innovative patented technology around light shaping to increase the performance of optical fibers with up to 1000 times faster data throughput over existing fibers.
  • CleverCloud: the start-up publishes a hosting platform for websites and applications (PaaS).
  • fire cell: offers private 4G and 5G networks, allowing manufacturers to connect and locate all their equipment.
  • Ganymed Robotics: the start-up combines computer vision and robotics to deliver an augmented surgery system. A first application is for the placement of knee prostheses.
  • Giskard: the start-up seeks to offer a solution to test the quality of artificial intelligence models, eliminate biases and develop solutions more quickly.
  • Glimpses: develops artificial intelligence-augmented computer code conceptualization technology to detect, characterize, and analyze security threats.
  • Ladies: designs, develops and markets robotic solutions such as the Jellyfishbot, a compact and robust depollution robot that autonomously or remotely collects residues and hydrocarbons from the water surface.
  • Kermap: the start-up offers a platform for accessing satellite images in a simplified format.
  • Lexicon: is developing a search engine capable of understanding natural language questions, allusions, paraphrases and providing answers from a variety of sources.
  • MyData Models: seeks to make machine learning easily accessible to professionals.
  • Olvid: develops secure instant messaging.
  • Pascal: develops quantum processors using laser manipulated neutral atoms.
  • Qarnot Computing: the start-up uses the heat given off by computer servers, called computer waste heat, to heat buildings.
  • Whenela: the start-up is focused on developing a photonic quantum computer.
  • Shine: seeks to revolutionize optical transmissions within data centers and supercomputers thanks to silicon photonics.
  • snow pack: offers a solution to protect data.
  • Spaceable: offers two solutions to preserve the space environment: ISSAN, a spatial data processing software, and Orbiter, an inspection satellite capable of providing unique data.
  • Spectronite: develops a unique, software-defined wireless backhaul system that achieves a transfer rate of 10 Gbps over distances of up to 30 km.
  • XXII: software publisher using artificial intelligence techniques and, more particularly, computer vision.

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