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Juliette, the green start-up revolutionizing household products

562 million bottles of shower gel and shampoo purchased each year in France, we can only imagine how many bottles are thrown away, including the microplastics end up polluting nature. Because taking care of the planet also involves changing our habits at home, start-up Juliette offers a wide range of ecological and rechargeable products. In addition, they also take care of our health. Combo necessarily winning, right?

Juliette, course for the preservation of the environment

Karline, Baptiste Hamain and their daughter Juliette make an unfortunate observation during a beach getaway in the south of France: plastic pollution is significant and the damage to fauna and flora is a real disaster. It is therefore necessary to act quickly and offer an alternative to families, through ecological and healthy solutions.

So begins the story of Juliette, a start-up that works in the manufacture of products made in France and based on natural ingredients. Marketing started with a refillable shower gel. The idea, to stop buying plastic bottles repeatedly and opt for a glass bottle to keep at home and refill with the powder to be diluted contained in a biodegradable packaging. This immediately produces far less microplastics that end up joining the oceans.

To increasingly condemn plastic and other substances harmful to nature and humans, Juliette suggests buying ecological products that are also used to clean the house. This is how you can find everything you need to wash the dishes and use the dishwasher in the online store, natural products to care for different surfaces in the house, detergent to replenish your clothes, etc. Is a baby on the way home? Juliette also offers organic cleaning products, hypoallergenic diapers and cleaning wipes that use 10 to 20 times less water than conventional cotton wipes.

Juliette, it’s a real revolution in home care the environment and using naturally sourced products that are better for our health.

An even more comprehensive approach

At Juliette, taking care of the environment is not just about manufacturing products for hygiene and home maintenance. In fact, it’s a more global approach. In addition to eliminating unwanted ingredients and disposable plastics, the brand limits the transport of water and provides its customers with true product traceability. The entire supply chain is optimized to reduce carbon footprint.

Please note that Juliette products benefit from Ecocert certification. They are vegan and not tested on animals.

Juliette, the concern to please everyone

Juliette is a real alternative to getting into respect for nature mode regarding the products we use every day at home. But the start-up also cares about everyone’s habits.

We know, for example, that many people want to continue to use shower gel instead of solid soap, or even disposable diapers instead of washable diapers. This is also the Juliette spirit, not disturbing everyday life and taking into account everyone’s habits, not forgetting the pace of those who don’t have time to design their own organic products.

make sound green shopping it couldn’t be simpler with Juliette. We walk around the website, fill our basket, pay and when we place the order before 3 pm, delivery arrives within 48 hours working days. To limit the movement of products, everyone can stock by composing their own box. And to save time, you can also subscribe to certain products.

With Juliette, committing to the preservation of biodiversity is simple and open to everyone, thanks to competitive prices!

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