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It is now easier and faster to obtain official documents, such as a birth certificate, thanks to the increasing dematerialization of administrative procedures. In recent years, the government has facilitated citizens’ access to public benefits and services, offering online applications to obtain numerous documents and perform various procedures. Thanks to its digital services, communication with employees is facilitated and accelerated.

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Why get a birth certificate extract?

The birth certificate allows you to verify a person’s marital status. A civil registrar certifies the legality of this written document, which is signed by him. There are several situations where a birth certificate is required. For example, a marriage, a divorce, a first application for an identity card, an application for French naturalization, an application for a pension after the death of a person, a family book or an entry in the commercial register.

You may need a simple birth certificate showing parentage, or a full copy of the birth certificate, depending on the circumstances.

It provides essential details including first and last name, date and time of birth, place of birth, first and last name of parents, age, occupation, home address and marital status. A registrar must be informed within three days of birth to keep civil records up to date.

How to get a marital status document?

Obtaining this official document previously required going to the City Hall of your birthplace, which was particularly difficult if you lived far away. Today, you can only obtain a civil status file in France by mail or online, as civil status documents are no longer issued there.

Indeed, administrative formalities are not always easy to fulfill within administrations. Thanks to the dematerialisation of public services, all you need to do now is access the dedicated website and fill out an online form. In fact, in just a few clicks, you can apply for a birth certificate. Teams of administrative assistance specialists help you get your birth certificate with ease. These qualified experts ensure the confidentiality of the data you provide to them by verifying the authenticity of your documents. In addition, you can find out the status of your administrative procedures on your online platform.

By leaving this task to someone else, you save time and effort and can maintain ties to your home region, wherever you are in the world.

However, if you were born abroad and live in France, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must process your application. People born abroad and residing in France should contact their country’s embassy or consulate. If you want information about people who lived more than 100 years ago, you must go to the municipal archives.

The multiplication of means of access to public services and their advantages

The multiplication of means of accessing public services, such as the dematerialization of administrative procedures, is a digital development that has many advantages. You can still go to the counter, but you can now complete your procedures over the phone, mail and on government portals.

Digital access saves a lot of time because it offloads other channels. Also, the online process is much faster than other administrative application methods.

Indeed, the dematerialisation of administrative services and the digitization of data allow administrations to share essential information with each other. This saves users a lot of time and energy.

The only downside to doing everything online, as you know, is that you have to remember a lot of IDs and codes. Thanks to data sharing, you no longer need to enter this information every time you connect to an administrative site. In some cases, remembering an ID is more difficult than remembering a social security number or tax ID.

Data sharing enabled the creation of France Connect. This virtual kit allows you to connect to more than a hundred services online: fill in your tax return, check your pension rights, contact your city council or health insurance, check the number of license points you you have left or access your personal space on Pôle employ. The State has created a system that guarantees security and tranquility, while simplifying its procedures.

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