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How to democratize access to corporate data? How can all users consult them without having special skills? How to use legal data to analyze the market, develop a marketing strategy or run a business effectively? These are the questions posed by Docubiz, a French start-up. Corporate data represents a potential new resource and is still underutilized. That’s why the start-up makes its data accessible to everyone on its platform, so everyone can explore and use it wisely.

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Meet this new French start-up is a French start-up of Legaltech that makes legal information for companies accessible to everyone on its web portal. Due to the wealth of its available data, this site provides legal and financial information on more than ten million French companies and managers in just a few clicks.

You can get access to tons of information for free through this LegalTech. Trademarks, information on company directors, insolvency proceedings, Kbis statements, balance sheets and annual accounts, financial information, minutes of general meetings, articles of association, etc. Are available. This is valuable and essential information for many professionals.

In this digital tool, you will find all the raw data from the INPI, Insee, or Bodacc. In addition, legaltech does its own research through private and paid APIs to provide its users with complete information, even confidential, regularly updated. Anyone looking for reliable company information can access it with just one click. provides open data, automates legal tasks for companies and democratizes corporate data.

Business data is data that deals with a business. They can be used in companies for marketing, management and communication. For example, it may include staff, department experience, resources, company history, and other relevant data.

The interface is particularly intuitive and easy to use. Some of the services on their digital portal are unparalleled in the tech world. provides users with over 80 million essential documents and works on all mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Also, registration is free and takes just a few seconds.

What is open data?

Open Data is opening up government or business data to everyone. This term means that the data is provided free of charge and can be used, copied, distributed, modified and reused for non-profit or for-profit purposes.

Open Data data is generally available without restrictions. They promote transparency and sharing, allowing all citizens, regardless of place of residence, to consult public data. This data also provides companies with valuable strategic information for developing new markets or services.

The documents available on are a mine of information for all types of companies and professionals. It is crucial to know if a customer is in a positive financial situation before signing a contract with them. Thanks to the open data of this new digital platform, you will be able to access your information in no time.

A premium subscription for professionals

Unlimited access to open data from French companies is accessible to professionals through a premium offer from the new start-up. A subscription of €49.90 per month without commitment that allows members to access the contacts of the company’s administrators, download up to 5 Kbis per month, consult unlimited VAT numbers and Siret/Siren notices and even carry out 5 financial analyses.

Compared to other players in the market, the price of their offer is clearly advantageous. Plus, you can test these innovative services for 48 hours for €1.90 to ensure their quality before subscribing. does not intend to stop there in its offer, it wants to expand its offer, allowing users to be informed in real time of important legal changes of the companies that they are closely monitoring.

A substantial budget is no longer necessary to obtain crucial information, according to Any company, big or small, can use its huge database. Now, thanks to this innovative digital platform, getting legal data quickly takes just a few clicks.

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