Recommendations, a vehicle for unique shopping experiences

Affiliation is an attractive and participatory way of promoting a brand and its concept, while enjoying an attractive and authentic shopping experience.

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The digitization of our world has led, in particular, to the growth of online shopping, giving users the possibility to easily access products and services from their computer, tablet or smartphone for a real shopping experience at any time. But the success of this method of purchase is due to exclusive means of the Internet.

We currently live in an area where digital and technology occupy a considerable place, leading to the digitization of many companies. If the French like to browse the internet, they appreciate being able to shop online so much, as they can easily access products and services from their computer, tablet or smartphone. It is also Generations Y and Z that are most affected by this, but they are also the ones looking for the best deals to consume without spending too much.

The health crisis that we have been experiencing in recent years has only improved internet sales numbers. In fact, in 2021, 48.5 million French people shopped online, according to information from Statista. Since then, consumers have maintained this habit, as the Internet gathers all users’ expectations throughout their shopping experience, allowing them to consume with ease.

Recommendations to support purchasing decisions

One of the first steps in the online shopping process involves consulting reviews written by consumers. In fact, 94% of French people read opinions left on the Internet and 47% refer to them before consuming, as explained by Customers are now looking for more transparency with honest and genuine reviews.

A system that has been democratized for several years to grow influencer marketing, or the fact of making known, liking and buying a product or service through the recommendation of the latter.

This method is increasingly coveted, hence the expansion of new influencer professions, a real way now to launch the buying process.

Build your community, inspire, exchange and save

Users enjoy shopping, especially on the Internet where the purchase process is faster and easier, but they also appreciate the fact that they can access good deals that allow them to buy and limit their expenses. This implies, therefore, the use of cash-back, for example, but also sales commissions.

It is now possible and very easy to earn money on the internet by giving your opinion about an article, a platform or a service in order to recover a certain amount in exchange for the fact that you have advertised this product.

This concept of sales commissions is closely linked to another method available on the internet: referral links.

Affiliation and cashback, profitable systems

This system allows you to create and develop your community while offering your customers the possibility to accompany their friends and their entourage in their registration on the platform. This way of doing things can prove to be quite profitable, as it gives access to many advantages, such as discount codes and coupons, but also, in certain cases, the possibility of recovering money directly.

An attractive and participatory way of promoting a brand and its concept, but above all, bringing together an audience with common interests to introduce them to social shopping, making the online shopping process even more attractive.

This share shopping concept combines entertainment, sharing and e-commerce for a unique and authentic shopping experience.

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