The PLR ​​aims to become the second party in Switzerland

One year before the federal elections, the PLR ​​wants to overtake the PS and become the second political force in the country. “The liberal flame is burning!”, launched its president Thierry Burkart this Saturday during the assembly of delegates in Burgdorf (BE).

The meeting began in an atmosphere of fire and music to illustrate the spirit of the campaign that opens. “Fight together and win together for freedom and responsibility, as well as for the common good and progress”. This is the motto of the PLR, declared Thierry Burkart before the two federal councilors of the PLR ​​Ignazio Cassis and Karine Keller-Sutter and the 900 delegates.

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The Argovian, who succeeded Petra Gössi a year ago, outlined the priorities of the PLR. Switzerland urgently needs liberal reforms. “Currently, the framework conditions for an innovative economy and a cutting-edge research site threaten to erode because of constant attacks from the left and the Greens,” he said.

To secure jobs, we need open markets and less bureaucracy. Start-ups, which represent the jobs of today and tomorrow, are at risk of being overwhelmed by the flood of regulations. They need air to breathe, argued Thierry Burkart. The recourse to ever more State is a “vicious circle”.

Economics, forecasting and energy

This election year, the PLR ​​will focus on economic policy, retirement, security and energy supply. In terms of energy, Thierry Burkart called for “more realism and less daydreaming”.

“It’s not possible to simultaneously eliminate nuclear power and meet climate goals,” he said. Politics in recent years has been very marked by ideologies and “pious desires”. Clean generation needs to be scaled up, including building faster and easier renewable energy generation infrastructure.

The PLR ​​does not exclude any technology in favor of a secure supply of electricity, which is the basis of a functioning economy and, therefore, of a country’s prosperity. “In the future, a wide combination of different energy sources will be needed.”

“Ukraine has the right to defend itself”

In the context of the war in Ukraine, the Aargau State Councilor recalled the importance of self-determination: “Ukraine, as a sovereign state, has the right to defend itself”. Switzerland does not violate its neutrality by flaunting its convictions when international law is violated. He criticized the “naivety” and “blindness” of the UDC.

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He also rejected the left’s position on defense. War shows the importance of being able to defend oneself: “Only a credible and realistic concept can bring more security to our country”, he said, also insisting on the need to collaborate “more closely” with NATO.

A call to the troops

The PLR ​​recalled the successes achieved in the last 18 months that position it better in the race for the federal elections. It managed to impose the issues that are among the main concerns of public opinion.

The bourgeois party also presented two popular initiatives on pensions and on the introduction of individual taxation. It also had successes in the last cantonal elections, as in the canton of Vaud.

“We have achieved a lot and we still want to achieve more”, declared Thierry Burkart. Facing all the main parties present under the Federal Summit, the president gathered his troops: “We need each one of you so that the liberal flame that burns in us continues to spread”.

Delegates further strengthened the steering committee. They elected Alessandra Gianella as the new vice president. This 36-year-old businessman from Ticino has been leading the PLR ​​group in the Grand Council of the canton of Ticino for three years now. The presidency is now composed, in addition to Thierry Burkart, by vice presidents Andrea Caroni, Johanna Gapany, Philippe Nantermod, Andri Silberschmidt and Alessandra Gianella.

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