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At the opening of the Paris Retail Week fair (September 20-22 – Porte de Versailles in Paris), Fevad publishes today its study – with the help of a panel of leading commercial sites in their sector and main service payment companies – in internet sales. E-commerce maintains a positive dynamic with disparities between sectors. “We’ve seen a lot of trompe-l’oeil effects in this second quarter, which is normal, highlights Marc Lolivier, general delegate of Fevad. We had anticipated this decline in certain categories.

Product sales are down 17% after last year’s peak in 3and lockdown.

However, the e-commerce sector (products and services) grew by 10% in one year and reached 35.7 billion euros in the 2nd.and quarter of 2022. E-tourism continues to grow with a growth of 68% compared to the second quarter of 2021. The average basket is up and stands at 67 euros (+7.2% over a year). This evolution is particularly observed in the transport, tourism/leisure and water, gas, electricity, telephone and television sectors.

Strong recovery in Transport / Tourism / Leisure sales

With a 10% increase in the second quarter, the overall e-commerce market, combined product and service sales, remains in good health. although it is affected, like all sectors, by the consequences of inflation and the energy crisis. E-commerce registered an increase in turnover of 3.3 billion euros in one year, mainly driven by the strong recovery in Transport/Tourism/Leisure sales.

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Product sales are slowing after the boom seen during successive lockdowns. This return to normalcy actually leads to an unfavorable base effect associated with greater competition with physical businesses. However, the level of product sales remains higher than before the Covid crisis (+33% in the sector compared to 2019), a sign that e-commerce is benefiting from real, structural and observable dynamics over the long term. deadline. .

Travel and Tourism sales continued to grow, driven by the desire of the French to travel in a context of declining epidemic. Its sales increased by almost 68% in the last quarter after a growth of +135% observed in the 1ster quarter. The number of transactions continues to grow: 532 million (+ 2.7%), which confirms the attraction of users to e-commerce. Online sales confirm its essential character for many brands: 14,000 new commercial sites were launched this quarter, an increase of 7%, with a total of 206,000 sites.

Fevad collects revenue from a hundred leading sites in its sector. The iCE 100 panel thus measures the growth of a constant sample representing almost 25% of the market. Highlights for leading sites confirm market trends. The drop in product sales can also be observed there, with a drop of 14%. All categories are at stake (Clothing, Furniture/Decor, Technical Products, Beauty) after strong growth in the last two years. In addition to a significant base effect, inflation, the energy crisis, the climate emergency, as well as changes in consumption patterns, such as the use of second-hand products, also contribute to these changes. During the quarter, store brands, which last year had their online sales boosted by the effects of the 3rd confinement, recorded a drop of 32%. However, its sales are now 36% higher than before the Covid crisis, which shows that it has really accelerated the digital transformation of physical commerce. Sales to professionals of the iCE 100 panel maintained their dynamism (+12.6%). The panel’s e-tourism sites also confirm the very good performance of this sector. While the 2nd quarter of 2021 already marked a growth of +197%, they registered a new recovery (+70%). Sales thus surpassed the level of the 2nd quarter of 2019 by 25%.

Mobile sales on the rise

Third-party sales (in marketplaces) fell by 11% year-on-year, again on a base-line basis, but their level remained higher (+29%) in the same quarter of 2019. Despite the decline in product sales, iCM’s mobile sales, which combine product sales and travel sales, were up 8% year-on-year and +41% compared to the same quarter of 2019, thanks to the recovery in Travel/Travel sales. Leisure.

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The 140 billion sales mark is expected to be crossed by 2022.

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