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Replacing the Frankfurt Motor Show, the IAA in Munich gives pride of place to the electric car. Discover the 10 best “zero emission” vehicles presented there.

After two days of press for the media, the IAA Munich Show opens its doors to the public. The opportunity to discover many new things. Among them, several electric cars caught our attention and seem to stand out. Here are ten models that have already marked the event with their originality, their technology or the expectation they created.

Renault Megane e-tech

It was the great French novelty expected at this Munich Motor Show: the 100% electric Renault Megane e-tech was finally unveiled. The one we’d only seen decked out in camouflage or in concept form finally came to life in Munich.

It will be available in two versions, with two powers and two specific battery capacities, and will offer up to 470 kilometers of autonomy. The new diamond-shaped electric compact will be available to order from February 2022.

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Mercedes EQE

Mercedes had promised that an electric sedan more affordable than its flagship EQS was part of its electrification plan. This is now the case for the EQE, a “zero emission” sedan that will play on the Tesla Model S court in terms of pricing.

If it promises to rival the biggest Tesla, it is because it will be 4.95 meters long. With an output of 215 kW, or almost 300 horsepower, it offers a range of 660 km on one charge. It is with two versions available that Mercedes will launch the EQE in the middle of next year.

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Volkswagen ID. Life

Volkswagen’s ID range, which already includes two models on the market and a future SUV coupé ID.5, is being enriched with concepts. After identification. Buzz, a modern reinterpretation of the Combi, is the ID. Life that was born in Munich.

This urban SUV concept really heralds the future ID.2, a 4-meter vehicle that will deliver 172 kW (233 horsepower). Thanks to the 57 kWh battery, it will be able to reach 400 km of autonomy in the WLTP cycle. It’s decidedly eco-friendly with lots of recycled materials.

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Volkswagen ID.  Life

Cupra UrbanRebel

It is one of the electric cars at the Munich Motor Show that we had the least information about. And yet it’s one of the IAA’s most exciting concepts, with uncompromising design and probably extreme performance.

The Cupra UrbanReel is a small sports car, with the same dimensions as the future Volkswagen ID.2. However, nothing to do with the German, as it will offer a power of 320 kW, or 430 horsepower. With that, 0 to 100 km/h will be shot in 3.2 seconds!

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Mercedes-AMG EQS

Mercedes didn’t come to Munich just to promote its own electric cars. Those in its AMG sports division also stand out, such as the One hypercar and the Mercedes-AMG EQS electric sedan.

The latter is the sporty version of the previously introduced electric sedan. It’s obviously about the performance of its sports sedan that the Affalterbach-based company has communicated the most, and for good reason: the AMG EQS develops up to 761 horsepower and 1,020 NM of torque. All this with more than 500 kilometers of autonomy.

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Audi Grandsphere

The department of large, luxurious and high-performance sedans was not left out of the IAA in Munich. From Audi’s side, it was the Grandsphere that represented it, with quite impressive features, for the one that could replace the A8 in the future.

With an output of 721 horsepower and a range of 750 kilometers, this luxury German shows off the color, even if we still don’t know anything about its arrival on the market.

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SmartConcept #1

In addition to high-performance sedans, electric urban SUV concepts are also on the rise. Smart also presented its version of this idea with Concept #1, a tentative name for a promising vehicle.

It would be the biggest Smart ever made, measuring approximately 4.30 meters in length. Decorated with antagonistic doors, this concept promises good autonomy, with a battery capacity mentioned at 70 kWh.

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BMW i4

In addition to the futuristic i Vision Circular concept, one of the main attractions at the BMW stand in Munich was the i4 electric sedan. If not new, the BMW i4, on the other hand, has made its first public appearance.

Soon, the i4 will be available in two versions, including one with 400 kW (500 horsepower). The sedan’s range will be 590 kilometers on a single charge, and 510 for the top version. Your marketing will arrive in fall 2021.

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Xpeng P7

A Chinese manufacturer still unknown in Europe, Xpeng is preparing to lead a real offensive in the Old Continent. Its 100% electric autonomy arrives via Norway, with an SUV called the G3 and a sedan called the P7.

The latter is one of the many “Tesla killers” on the Chinese market, but it has many advantages to achieving this. In fact, it will offer more than 600 kilometers of autonomy at a price that rivals the Tesla Model 3.

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The Great Wall Cat

The year 2022 should mark the arrival of Chinese manufacturers to the electric car market in Europe. In addition to the Xpeng, the giant Great Wall also launches into this market with a first model, far from the profile of its compatriot.

The Great Wall Ora Cat is indeed targeting another target besides Elon Musk’s cars: the Volkswagen ID.3. You must play on this terrain offering range that varies from 300 to 400 kilometers at a price of less than 30,000 euros, before applying bonuses.

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