Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling car in Europe as of September 2021

If this is not a revolution, it is in any case a sign of the times: sales of electrified vehicles are gaining more and more space, and it is not their growth figures that contradict us, with 41.8% market share in January. to September 2021 even combining electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. However, despite strong growth, 100% electric vehicles represent only 8.1% of the market and remain more divisive in their uses. No matter, the Tesla Model 3, thanks to its versatility in terms of engine and range, won the votes of European drivers and became number 1 in sales in the month of September 2021, all engines combined, ahead of the traditional Golf , Clio, Sandero or Yaris.

A bestseller made outside Europe

Indeed, sales data released by research firm Jato Dynamics and released by Bloomberg News show that Tesla is well ahead of its rivals, with 24,591 Model 3s sold in September, compared with 18,264 for the Renault Clio, which occupies the second place. It is also the first time that a car manufactured outside Europe has passed through there. best sellers a month.

Sales data suggest that the electrified vehicle market is benefiting from various government subsidies aimed at lowering its purchase price. However, the global chip shortage is negatively impacting new car sales, causing an overall decline, with the EU market down 25% year-on-year, with total sales in September 2021 at 964,800 vehicles. “Dealers continue to face new car availability issues due to lack of chipsJato analyst Felipe Munoz told AM Online that as a result, not wanting to wait more than a year for a new car, many consumers turned to the used car market.

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September was a strong month for Tesla, as that month alone accounts for 74% of its total Q3 production volume, reports AM Online. The combined success of the Model 3 and Model Y gives the American manufacturer a 24% market share in electric vehicle sales, ahead of rivals Volkswagen (22%) and Stellantis (13%).

In September, we also noted the good health of the Hyundai Tucson which, despite a modest eighth place, is the only one, with the Model 3, to experience steady growth in its market shares in 2020 and 2021. numbers from January to September of this year 2021, it is the Golf that remains at the top of annual sales, followed in order by the Toyota Yaris, Dacia Sandero, Renault Clio and Peugeot 208.

An order for 100,000 Tesla placed by Hertz

Happiness never comes alone, we learn that the rental company Hertz has placed an order for 100,000 Tesla vehicles. According to Bloomberg’s website, the cars, for which the model distribution is not known, will be delivered within the next 14 months and will be available at “Major US markets and parts of Europe since early NovemberHertz says people who rent a Tesla will have access to the Supercharger network, before the rental company builds its own charging network.

Hertz, which emerged from bankruptcy just four months ago, is not its first mega-order for electric vehicles. It is recalled that the rental company ordered 500 Aiways U5 for Corsica last May.

This new order worth approximately $4.2 billion caused Tesla’s share price to skyrocket, which took over 12.6%. As a result, Tesla has surpassed $1 trillion in market capitalization. Another beneficiary, Elon Musk himself, whose personal fortune approaches 300 billion dollars. He is thus ahead of Jeff Bezos (193 billion dollars), but also of the oil company Exxon Mobil (272 billion dollars). Quite a symbol. (source Bloomberg)

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