Deel, the start-up that allows you to recruit and pay your employees in a few clicks, anywhere in the world

It is perhaps the most important HR department in the world: Deel manages hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide. Founded in 2019 in California, this platform offers companies the opportunity to employ employees around the world, under salaried or freelance status, freeing them from all the administrative and regulatory part of human resource management. Unprecedented on this scale, this proposal comes at the right time: Deel is surfing the globalization of the job market for freelancers, the dynamism of employment in the OECD and the growth in the number of self-employed workers (which represent 12% of the working population in France) and are overrepresented in promising tech professions.

results ? In four years of existence, the young shoot, valued at 12 billion dollars after its last fundraising, intends to close 2022 with a turnover of 140 million euros. Established in France in early 2022, Deel has attracted nearly 300 employers such as BackMarket unicorns, Swile (food stamps) or the media Crude. Director of Development and the French subsidiary, Julien Couderc discusses the reasons for this more than promising take-off.

How did the idea for Deel come about?

Julien Couderc : Deel was founded by Chinese-American Shuo Wang and Frenchman Alex Bouaziz, who met while studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During their first entrepreneurial experience, they encountered many difficulties in recruiting talent from other countries. Hence its idea of ​​providing a set of online services dedicated to the administrative management of human resources, from recruitment to payment of salaries, for companies that hire employees abroad under the status of employees or self-employed.


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How do you explain its exponential growth?

As everyone knows, the pandemic has accelerated the development of hybrid work, even “fully remote”. Some companies even returned the keys to their premises! Consequence: Around the world, employers are expanding their geographic recruitment pool across borders. We support them by giving them the opportunity to work with foreign employees without having to manage the administrative mountain that traditionally results from these hirings.

What services do you provide to companies?

Administrative processes related to HR are very time consuming and require knowledge at their fingertips of the legislation of each country in which an employee is located. Thanks to Deel, our customers’ HR teams no longer have to worry about this: it frees up time for higher value-added tasks. By combining fintech tools, payroll management and HR apps, and by digitizing manual processes like e-signing, our platform allows them to recruit and pay their employees or freelancers in a few clicks, regardless of their place of residence. When it comes to employees, Deel operates locally as an umbrella company.


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Specifically, how does it work?

Our cloud platform is a single entry point for businesses and employees. Locally, Deel makes available to employers more than 300 specialists in the areas of law, payroll and human resources, which guarantees that the contracts signed with these employees are in accordance with the legislation and taxation of the countries in question. Thus, the client company can employ an employee in one country without having an HRD, a payroll manager, a subsidiary or a bank account there.

What advantages do your customers find there?

First, expand your recruiting pool globally. This is very valuable in this time of talent shortage! We also help them manage the international mobility of their employees, including in crisis situations. After the Russian offensive in Ukraine, talent, mainly in technology, had to be relocated to neighboring countries. By going through Deel, the employers in question were able to keep their employees, with contracts in accordance with local legislation.

Finally, outsourcing HR administrative processes provides our clients with substantial savings: recently, a technology company that closed its subsidiary in Germany, while continuing to employ a dozen employees locally, realized that it was costing twice as much’ by going through the Deel instead of using management.

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And what do your customers’ employees earn?

They have access to a platform that centralizes all financial and administrative documents that concern them and are guaranteed to be paid on time by local Deel entities in the most convenient way. We pay in 120+ currencies and even make 5% cryptocurrency payments on behalf of some customers. In doing so, we meet unique expectations and improve the employee experience thanks to the platform’s ergonomics and flexibility.

Depending on what local law requires and what the employer offers, employees can access health and retirement insurance, or other benefits, in their personal Deel space. It even happens that freelancers who asked for a mission ask for the contract to go through our platform because they find it more practical…

What is the cost of your services to a company?

We have a SaaS (“Software as a Service”) business model, with an “all-inclusive” price line based on a monthly value per contract. This amount varies according to the type of contract our customers use: “freelance” offer and/or “employee” offer. More specifically, we charge an “administration fee” of $49 per month for a contractual relationship with a freelancer and $599 for managing an employee “supported” by our local entities.


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In which professions is Deel developing in France?

The most sought after professions in France by foreign companies are often related to IT, the Internet, financial services or even games, but we support organizations in all sectors. This ranges from retail chains to banks looking to recruit in France or abroad.

Aren’t you afraid to cause concern in France by making it easier to recruit cheaper employees abroad?

Deel is a global organization whose growth benefits everyone. International groups based in India, Argentina or the United States and wishing to establish themselves in France use our services. They recruit French talent, who thus receive new opportunities. France is currently experiencing labor market tensions in many professions and could also broaden its recruitment base. The consequences are positive for employees: our latest survey thus reveals salary increases in Italy, Brazil and India, among employees, employees or freelancers, of our customers.

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