5 reasons why your ecommerce site is not working

The e-commerce market was already on the rise, but the Covid containment duo was a real boost for the field. Many e-commerce websites were created in a very short time. and continue to be created today.

Of course, many didn’t bother to put together an e-commerce site that met market expectations and ended up with disappointing results.

This article focuses on the reasons why your ecommerce site is not performing well and guides you through advice to improve your e-commerce site and its performance.

1. An e-commerce site that is not user-friendly enough

A website is said to be user friendly or not depending user experience according to several criteria. The latter are ergonomics of the website, your structureyour ProjectI’navigation aidanything that improves or, on the contrary, deteriorates the usability of this website.

An e-commerce website is user-friendly when it is easy to use, when users can orient themselves and navigate smoothly and pleasantly, and when all functions of the website work without any technical issues.

You can measure the usability of your e-commerce website through a usability test, also known as user testing, which determines how usable a website is. Tests are numerous, from the most simplistic, System Usability Scale, to the most complex and convincing methods, such as live testing or user observation.

Sufficient usability standards are independent of individual user preferences and tastes. The central points to consider when developing a user-friendly e-commerce website are:

  • The website clarity in what he offers,
  • one structure allowing a simple navigation,
  • one constancy presentation and content.

ONE attractive design is one of the last things to consider.

efficient e-commerce site

2. A very small selection of products to meet your customers’ needs

You have an easy-to-use and fluid e-commerce site, and navigation goes smoothly. It’s good, but not enough, the competition is just a click away. To retain your users and make them loyal customers, you need to have products to offer them. However, if your Catalog It is also thinthere is no doubt that you run the risk of losing a good number of customers and a good share of the market.

The problem that certainly arises for you, as for e-commerce sites in general, is the inventory management. Many find themselves in an under- or over-storage situation. Without going into details, know that it is very important to learn how to manage your inventories correctly, so that you can satisfy your customers without being unable to sell perishable inventories.

The most convenient way is renew your stocks from a certain fixed limit, which means anticipating demand to a minimum. To help you optimally fill your inventory, base it on past sales volume, analyze market trends (with Google trends for example), set a forecast period, etc.

Manage your inventories better to drive fewer customers away, you can also go through an E-commerce agency to understand all these matters in more detail or simply delegate what is too heavy for you.

3. Very high prices compared to other e-commerce sites

The problem can really come from their pricing. If for a similar product you are ordering more than the average of competing sitesso don’t be surprised if customers choose to look elsewhere.

It’s simple, but it’s important: always take the time to compare yourself with the market, with the competition. If you have no idea how to set a fair and attractive price, or are worried about asking too much, read these tips:

to calculate the selling price, add up the various costs associated with bringing your product to market and add your profit margin. Remember that if your price is too high, you risk losing market share, and if it’s too low, it will be difficult for you to sustain your business and evolve in your field.

You must therefore define a profitable price, this by calculating the sum of your variable costs per unit, adding up your profit margin, not forgetting to include fixed costs.

Also keep in mind thata price is not immutableIt can be readjusted as you go: calculate your profitable price and post it on your e-commerce site, you can modify it later if it seems too high or too low.

e-commerce price profitability

4. An ecommerce site that is not visually appealing

Another mistake that can be the cause of your e-commerce site underperforming is the design. One would think that it’s secondary and that as long as the technical performance of the site and prices are there, the look doesn’t matter much. It’s wrong ! ONE visual attractive has all its importance in the results of an e-commerce site. It encourages users to stay longer on the siteto keep a pleasant feeling of your navigation. Consumers will be more inclined to come back on your website and for shopping.

So remember to make your ecommerce website visually appealing, this can go through:

  • one original look, simplecreative: don’t copy, create your own universe,
  • one images relevant and meaningful: don’t choose your images if they don’t make sense in relation to your activity,
  • one homogeneity of Colors : try to create a color identity that is recognizable from afar, like the colors that come to mind when you think of certain famous brands,
  • one sobriety graphic : avoid overloading the graphics, graphic areas should be used to support the text, not to decorate for no other purpose,
  • one presentation ergonomic : insert visual cues for navigation, create visual harmony, logical page layout, etc.

Visuals are really to work in-depth to make your e-commerce site look attractive.

5. Insufficient customer service and support

There is another point that should not be overlooked if you want to improve the performance of your e-commerce site: the service client. It’s how you support customers at any point in their journey: before, during or after the purchase.

The objective is to satisfy its customers by responding efficiently to their requests, and thus improve your customers’ experience, impact positively the relationship with the consumer and take care of your Brand image.

To provide effective customer support, here are some tips:

  • get ready perfectly internally : define a customer listening process, collect feedback, equip yourself with powerful tools, exchange, etc.,
  • customize the relationship with your customers : adapt to each customer by choosing the communication channel of their choice, support your customer in their purchase choices, carry out individual and non-standard exchanges, etc.
  • expand it personal cares for your e-commerce customers: consider customer autonomy and respond to that expectation by giving them the opportunity to independently manage their account, seek support information, etc. It is appreciated by customers and relaxing for its customer service.
  • use them return Customers: By collecting feedback from your customers, you can use it to improve your customer service. A proactive approach that brings customers together.
  • improve your reactivity : the company’s reaction time is one of the main reasons for customer satisfaction or not.

There are still other ways to improve customer service, just as there are other reasons that can explain your e-commerce site’s poor performance, this article is not intended to be exhaustive. However, focus on these five reasons above indicated, put the tips into practice and see for yourself developments yours e-commerce website.

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