The electric car or how to crush an industry for political reasons

At the opening of the auto show, Emmanuel Macron confirmed his plan to massively support the automotive industry to develop the electric car.

At the opening of the auto show, Emmanuel Macron confirmed his plan to massively support the automotive industry to develop the electric car.

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At the opening of the auto show, Emmanuel Macron confirmed the project to accelerate the development of the electric car. It is a purely political choice that will have economic and social consequences that we dare not imagine.

VSit is a purely political choice to try to impose the electric car because trands honestly, customers ndon’t dream about it at night.

Technology does not allowhave, with the electric car, the same services as the thermal car. It costs threeands choose expensive (30% more) nit is not muchands wide, lautonomy nnot enough to guarantee a trip of more than 200 KLM, charging points are rare, charging conditions are too long, etc. All this means that customers don’t rush to the electric car and manufacturers drag their feet.

A few years ago, Renault’s communications department hired Luc Besson to make a film whoselead actor was one of the firstandres electric cars: the Zoé. The script wasa rare romanticism, the filming was rural.Istory ofa young man who goes on a journey to heal a heartachelove. But who dismantles 100 KLM from Paris in the middle of the field. He is retrieved, he and his car, by a farmer who will offer him the cabin while he waits for the car to recharge. Of course, the farmer’s daughtercould not resist the charm of the young man and all that, thanks to technology. What a picture and what a fiasco. Renault obviously blocked the film’s release.But the film still exists and no onebrags about it : neither the producer, nor the director, nor the actors trandis known. To see you :

At thesalon openingautomobile, Emmanuel Macron confirmedit was your projectmassively support theautomotive industry, manufacturers, subcontractors and all associated services to develop the electric car.

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The worsening situation of gasoline is the result of an incredible multiplication of cowardice, incompetence and irresponsibility at all levels.

In 2017, electric car sales accounted for 1% of the market, today electric cars account for 13% of annual sales. The President of the Republic intends to reach the limit of 30% at the end of his five-year term. VSthis is why it will increase aid even further and increase the ecological bonus from 6,000 to 7,000 euros for the most modest families.

ParallelandIt also announced an extension of the tariff shield to electrical terminals from January 2023 with a target of 40,000 connection terminals per month by 2030. The market must also be able to offer long-term leases of 100 euros per month to have access toan electric car in the current of theyear 2023.The President of the Republic awaitsthat the French market will sell 1 million a year at the end of his term, against 200,000 currently. The project looks very ambitious.

Nobody knows yet whether these promotions will unfreeze a market thatit’s not euphoric. This development will undoubtedly be complemented by punitive provisions to deteruse of thermal cars that, in theory, should bebe prohibiteds to circulate from 2035 onwards. The project is considerably ambitious and for manyandit’s utopian.

This project is eminently political and even ideological. Theyacts, let’s be clear, from rto respond to the pressure of environmental groups that have the individual car as a target, as a tool and as a symbol of the struggle to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.automobile is far from the firstandre source of greenhouse gases, butis without a doubt the most spectacular, the most showy, ecis also the most popular,The most useful.

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As a result, most experts know thatput onant theemphasis on a transitionands rapid shifts from individual means of transport to electric vehicles, we are heading for upheavals that we will not be able to manage.

This transition to electrical of the whole systemandtransport me is impossible to reach so quickly.

Dfirst firstandthat’s right, because technology doesn’t allowhe picked upits performance and autonomy equivalent to current performance. The products areanddifferent, it will therefore be necessary to imagine ways ofdifferent use, whichit is not earned and will take a long time. Das much as electric mobility will be more expensiveandis this mobilitythermal star

So because in the current state of electricity production capacity, a country like France will not be able to meet the demand. It is necessary to restart the nuclear plants and, above all, to launch the EPR program. However, the political choice of the all-electric does not seem to bebe accompaniedit is by choosing to rebuild an industry based exclusively on nuclear energy.

Finallyall the wayandthe economy will have to evolve. At the moment, the branchautomotive re, between manufacturers, subcontractors, dealers, mechanics, distributors, loil industryandre, this girlandre represents, alongside construction and tourism, the largest employers.

All car manufacturers havesomewhere else rang the bellalarm about the social risks that the all-electric vehicle will pose for the country. And this oneit is not the choice to repatriate industrial buildings in Europe that will solve the problemandI.

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In short, an electric car consumes four times lessjobs thata gasoline car or a diesel car. For a cost to the customer 30% more expensive.

It will therefore be necessary, in the transitional period, to sponsor thebuying a car and dealing with unemployment linked to the mutation.

in Leconomic history, the main changes spreadandkey. The steam engine, heat engines. Ithe automobile took more than 50 years to become a mass product, like the telephone or television. The microcomputer took 30 years, but digitization (the marriage of the computer and theinternet), under 20 years old. Todaytodaywe would like to guarantee the electrical transition of thecar in 10 years.VSit’s trandit is fast and therefore dangerous, especially since this change corresponds to an ideological and political movement.

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