Selency, the startup digitizing the flea market

Selling second-hand and antiques from your sofa is the concept of Selency, a startup that, since 2014, has been democratizing and digitizing the flea market. Founded by Charlotte Cadé and Maxime Brousse, this young shoot continues to attract users looking for decorative objects and investors.

Selency is a website specialized in decorative pieces. It’s a kind of online flea market that responds to an increasingly significant consumer demand for second-hand products. Between economics and ecological awareness, this online flea market helps to dust off a concept that is at the heart of a famous program France 2: Affaire Conclude.

Selency, the flea market website on the rise

Selency is a startup created in 2014. It was formerly known as “Brocante Lab”. Your ambition? Democratize the flea market and allow everyone to order second-hand decorative items, furniture or fantasy objects online from their sofa. No need to move, Selency online flea market offers home delivery!

Selency’s goal is not just to digitize the concept of porcelain and resale, second-hand furniture, but to position itself as a trusted third party and curator of iconic and unique vintage furniture and decorative objects. . The promisse ? ” Dig up the rare pearl among the 300,000 Selency references and be delivered without leaving the couch. The pieces offered for sale are, in turn, selected daily by hand by our teams.“, as the founders explain on the Selency website.

Selency’s other approach is to promote ethics and sustainability in its products. With its online flea market system, the startup is helping to reduce the raw material consumption and waste needed to create these decorative objects at the same time.

Sell ​​and Hunt in Selency

Selency’s concept is to offer users the possibility to sell or buy decorative objects, furniture or other second-hand products, benefiting from home delivery. You can, therefore, either look for the decoration that you will put on your bedside table, or also be the one who offers second-hand furniture.

On its website, Selency indicates that 10,000 sellers have already used this online flea market, while it receives 2.5 million bargain hunters each month. A total of 70 employees work daily to bring the Selency experience to its customers.

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The career of Charlotte Cadé and Maxime Brousse, founders of Selency

Charlotte Cadé and Maxime Brousse are the co-founders of Selency. Both are from Bordeaux, but have a similar background, as both entrepreneurs went through business school.

The Story of Charlotte Cadé

Charlotte Cadé joined Grenoble EM in 2007, where she specialized in marketing. She was able to continue her training on this subject at many companies such as Oxelo, Little Agency and L’Oréal. It was at the end of 2013 that she decided to launch the Selency adventure with Maxime Brousse. She is now CEO of this young session.

It is the passion for decoration that makes Charlotte Cadé vibrate that drives the young woman to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure with the Selency project. With her marketing experience within large groups and smaller structures, the young entrepreneur didn’t wait long after graduating from GEM – three years – to start her own business.

Maxime Brousse’s career

For his part, the other founder of the startup graduated from EDHEC where he completed a master’s degree in entrepreneurship. He became involved in the school’s community life before training at various companies such as Ardian (investment funds) or Sequoia Capital.

Maxime Brousse therefore specialized in all subjects related to entrepreneurship but also investment funds before fully embarking on his own entrepreneurial adventure just a few years after leaving business school.

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Fundraising and development: the projects of the startup Selency

In April 2022, Selency achieved one of its biggest fundraising in its history by signing a €35 million Series C funding round with three investors: OLX Group, Creadev and Accel. In total, the startup has raised 53.5 million euros since its creation.

This fundraising aims to allow the young shoot to accelerate their projects, namely in their internationalization. Selency intends to launch itself in Europe, but also to continue the digitization of the flea market with the launch of its own app, always with the aim of attracting and seducing consumers who have decided to furnish themselves differently.

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The second hand boom

What makes the Selency website successful is also and above all that it is part of a second-hand boom, an increasingly democratized way of consuming. With this online platform, the possibility of home delivery, it is easy to give your sofa furniture a second life.

Some do it out of ecological awareness, others to save money, the fact is that the market is in demand for these refurbished products. According to Foxintelligence, in 2021, 75% of Sézane consumers bought a second-hand product before going to the startup’s website.

This new consumption practice also has its place in other worlds beyond furniture, decoration or clothing. If thrift stores have never been so popular, Tech is also positioned in this niche. Several startups have emerged in recent years, such as Back Market, co-founded by Thibaud Hug de Larauze, or of Recommerce, co-founded by Benoît Varin. According to a study by the website ThredUp, the 25-37 age group is the population that uses second-hand goods the most.

Some companies are already turning 100% in this matter. This is the case with eBay, which announced that it will only highlight this type of product on the home page of its buying and selling site. The occasion is at the heart of the group’s strategy, so much so that it decided to forgo Black Friday.

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