Paris Motor Show: 20 new electric cars we can’t wait to discover at the auto show

Most traditional manufacturers decided to stay away from the Paris Motor Show in October. One lost, ten found, this fair will be an opportunity to discover in one place all the new brands that want to shake up electric mobility.

The 2022 edition of the Mondial de Paris will not look like what we have known for several decades. The public days of the show will take place from October 18 to 23 at the Paris Porte de Versailles, a shorter format and smaller show than previous editions. The list of exhibitors is also an element that may surprise you. Many large European, Japanese and even Korean manufacturers have decided not to exhibit at the fair, which ends up leaving more room to discover new entrants in the European market.

Many new brands took the opportunity to cater to the French audience, whether Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Swiss or American. This fair will ultimately be focused on discovering these manufacturers, who aim to win the hearts of the French with their new electrical products.

A strong presence of new Asian brands: BYD, Wey/Ora, Vinfast…

With stands as large as those of Renault or Peugeot, BYD and the two brands of the Great Wall Motors (GWM) group decided not to do things by halves. Vinfast has also put in the means to make itself known with the show.$


At the BYD chinese stand, located in pavilion 4, you can discover three electric models: Atto 3, Han and Tang. The Atto 3 model will probably be the one that most attracts the attention of visitors. With an attractive price and a certain originality, the BYD Atto 3 has just been awarded 5 stars in EuroNCAP crash tests. It is, therefore, a model to discover.

BYD range launch price // Source: BYD

Great Wall Engines

The Chinese group Great Wall Motors will exhibit two brands at its stand in hall 6: Wey and Ora. Wey is focused on hybrid models, but Ora will present its 100% electric model, the Funky Cat. It is a new compact sedan model that will face the MG4 and Renault Megane e-tech in the French market.

Ora Funky Cat // Source: Ora
Ora Funky Cat // Source: Ora

Beings and Leapmotor

Through its importer, the Mondial de Paris will also be an opportunity to get closer to the brands beings and jump engine at its booth in hall 4. Seres has already started marketing its electric SUV in France, but the Leapmotor T03 will be a small urban model to discover in preview.


For Vinfast, this will be the second participation in the Mondial de Paris. The Vietnamese brand has already made an outstanding appearance in 2018, but it is with its entire electric range that it intends to bring people to its stand in hall 6. If we have already had the opportunity to discover the VF8 and VF9 through different presentations, vinfast will reveal at the Paris Motor Show VF6 and VF7 which are models of the city car segment and the size up.

VinFast VF8 // Source: Ulrich Rozier for Numerama
VinFast VF8 // Source: Ulrich Rozier for Numerama

Micromobility in the spotlight: Microlino, XEV, City Transformer…


Urban mobility solutions are developing and electric is opening new niches for brands to discover. leaveone of the sector’s historic manufacturers will be present at the fair, but other brands will also be exhibiting their new electrical products.


O Swiss brand of Micro quadricycles will notably be exhibiting its Microlino in Hall 6. This 1950s “anti-crisis” electric machine is getting a makeover with this modern reinterpretation of the Isetta. Marketing started in Europe a few months ago, but this is the opportunity to discover the final model after several presentations of its concept at previous shows in Geneva.

Microlino Pioneer // Source: Micro
Microlino Pioneer // Source: Micro

XEV Yoyo

To stay in vehicles of the same size, you can find out at Mondial in pavilion 4, the XEV Yoyo. An electric urban vehicle sold from €15,000.

city ​​transformer

As another original vehicle to discover in hall 6, there is the City Transformer CT-1. This microcar is thinner than a Renault Twizy. Its originality is mainly based on the fact that the wheels unfold to ensure greater stability when driving above 40 km/h, but for sneaking around town and parking, the wheels retract to a width of just 1 m.

City Transformer CT1 // Source: City Transformer
City Transformer CT1 // Source: City Transformer

Eon and E.Go

Eon engines and E.Go mobile devices We also have new electrical products in the micromobility category to present to you in hall 6.

French people who also innovate

Two French brands are betting on hydrogen for the future, with two different approaches to the issue. This Mondial de Paris will be an opportunity to get to know these novelties up close. French creativity is also expressed around electric mobility with La Bagnole and Mobilize, which the public will be able to discover at the fair.


You can find the manufacturer Hopium and its high-performance hydrogen car concept in Hall 4.

Hopium hydrogen car concept // Source: Hopium - Florian Saez
Hopium hydrogen car concept // Source: Hopium – Florian Saez


On his side, NamX offers with its SUV a particularly innovative hydrogen charging solution. You will find this brand’s stand in hall 6.

The car

The strange unlicensed concept The car will be visible in hall 3. This all-terrain electric machine, particularly naked, will be a curiosity to discover. This vehicle is advertised for less than €11,000 enough to intrigue enough to visit the stand.

Peugeot, Jeep, Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Mobilize

Among French manufacturers, the Paris Motor Show will host 3 of the Stellantis brands : Peugeot, DS and Jeepwith several new electrical products to discover or rediscover in hall 4. The Renault group will also be present with stands for Renault, Dacia and Alpine, where there will be surprises to discover. It will also be the first show of the new branch Mobilize of the Renault group, with its small Mobilize Duo concept.

Electric ATV Mobilize Duo // Source: Mobilize
Electric ATV Mobilize Duo // Source: Mobilize

And more…


If you want to discover, for example, the Fisker Ocean, the electric SUV by American Henrik Fisker, you will have to venture out to the Crédit Agricole booth in hall 4.

Fisker Ocean // Source: Fisker
Fisker Ocean // Source: Fisker

Beltoise, Pantore and KGM

And for some electric motorsport and small GT series, Beltoise, Pantore and KGM can be found in the stand of exceptional cars in hall 4.

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