▷ 3 criteria for a good start in e-commerce

Today, anyone can create an online store from scratch. Marketing Signals believes that 90% of e-commerce stores fail later 120 days...

To get off to a good start in E-commerce:

  • You have to be AGGRESSIVE;
  • You have to be smart;
  • You have to try to take a STEP FORWARD;
  • You have to ask yourself where there are GROWTH BAGS, PROFITABILITY BAGS.

But all this without going illegal…

A question that can be asked is: what is being done elsewhere that is not yet done in the market?

the writer Tugan Bara given away 3 Criteria little known about how to succeed in e-commerce. It also provides 5 methods immediately applicable to get a good start in e-commerce.

A winning product like dropshipping?

Instead of finding a single winning product, it is better to form a product group (and these products can be purchased on Aliexpress), i.e. a group of products that complement each other each other in a given area.

Here it is 3 FREE steps to find your winning product group:

  1. add to your cart on amazon books or objects;
  2. Make sure these products already have some success (lots of reviews, platform highlights, etc.);
  3. Browse from recommendations to recommendations to find products complementary to your initial object (under the product).

So Amazon will give you good ideas, without you having to do a lot of research:


You can reproduce this technique at Ali Express, discount, Ebay, Etsy…

Trust the market, these platforms are e-commerce leaders. If there’s a group of winning products, this is where you’ll find it.

All products in your Cluster (product group) should be useful.

Or, at the very least, fulfill a deep desire or need.

Thus, it will be easier to convince your visitors to act (buy).

Creating sales messages that appeal to our deepest needs is called copywriting. To learn more about this very profitable skill, you can consult learnings of professional writer Tugan Bara.

Set up an e-commerce funnel

Having a cluster will therefore allow you to offer a main product, create a sales funnel.

Differentiate yourself from the competition it is a key point.

Tugan talks about getting out of “Oh shit, one more! ».

For your product to stand out, it must meet the “unique engine” criterion.

Your cluster’s main product must be innovative or presented as such.

Copywriting product sheet (few e-merchants pay attention to this)

Do you have the presentation of Steve Jobs’ first MacBook Air?

To demonstrate how thin it was, he took it out of an envelope.


He didn’t need to add anything.

It’s good to have one single mechanismbut still need to demonstrate. The best way to do this is provide concrete evidence in your product sheet.

Get started in e-commerce with an advantage: 5 methods your competition doesn’t apply

The first thing to start well in e-commerce isidentify what your competitors are not already doing.

Here it is 5 Methods still little used in e-commerce:

Method #1 – Ecommerce Sales Video: VSL (Video Sales Letter) to Sell

A VSL is a video designed to sell a product. It is enough, upstream, to prepare a convincing text to sell.

Method #2 – E-commerce Marketing Strategy: Combine physical products with digital products

You can make an offer containing your physical product AND digital content that completes it.

Method #3 – Add bumps and upsells to your ecommerce funnel

As we saw earlier, nothing stops you from adding a boost and an upsell to your sales funnel.

Method #4 – Offer e-commerce subscriptions

By offering a subscription, you can offer, for example, free lifetime shipping (like an Amazon Prime) and other perks. Many e-merchants have monthly item box subscriptions as their main product.

However, it is preferable to offer this type of upsell offers.

Method #5 – Dropship from Amazon

You can purchase your products directly from Amazon and dropship from their platform. Your customers don’t necessarily compare their purchases across sites. Especially if you have an exclusive offer.

Thanks to lessons from Tugan Baranow you have all the keys to get started in e-Commerce!

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