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The holiday season is the biggest business event of the year. With the holidays approaching, it’s time to prepare your marketing campaigns to take advantage of this crucial period, as the opportunity to generate income is huge! However, in 2022, the context is different from previous years. As consumer behavior changes, you need to follow holiday trends to increase your sales…

Inflation promotions are on the rise

There is no doubt that the current pandemic and inflation are impacting digital marketing. Therefore, you need to focus on promotional advertising this holiday season to recoup the losses of the last two years.

For 2022, promotions will be one of the top digital marketing trends during the holiday season. So expect to see an increase in special offers from B2C brands like coupons, discounts, contests and freebies to engage and convert customers.

B2B brands may offer a limited-time offer on their most popular subscription service, an incentive for subscription upgrades, or a referral bonus to customers.

E-commerce continues to dominate holiday shopping and sales

Good news for digital advertisers: the growth of online shopping has continued post-pandemic. Nearly all shoppers will shop online this 2022 holiday season. In the US, for example, Google reported that only 4% of shoppers did not use digital channels for their purchases in 2022. Meanwhile, eMarketer predicts growth of nearly 16% in e-commerce. trade sales this year.

Additionally, companies can incorporate inbound marketing strategies to connect with customers and solve their problems, rather than just promoting their products and services.

Black Friday…

There’s no escaping the juggernaut of the holiday season: Black Friday! Whether you like it or not, it has become an indispensable part of your digital marketing strategy. But with all the competition for your target audience’s attention, how do you guarantee success?

Make an attractive offer

If you’re a B2C brand, chances are you already have at least one deal to create your Black Friday content. But if you’re a B2B brand, the picture might be a little less clear. Instead of offering a discount, ask yourself if you can offer little or no charge for your services, or offer a free consultation, for example. Be creative.

create urgency

Black Friday deals are available for a limited time only. Take it to your advantage! Decide whether you will be making your offer all weekend or just on Fridays (or Mondays) and plan your content accordingly. Use countdown timers and reminder emails.

Send emails early and regularly

Start planting seeds for Black Friday a few months early. Starting a few weeks in advance works well for B2B and B2C as it gives you more ROI. There is no rule to determine the best time to send a Black Friday email. Just know that there is a lot more content reaching your customers.

Growing impact of influencers on holiday shopping

In 2022, influencers will continue to drive purchases during the holiday season. During this season, consumers are actively looking for shopping inspiration and are turning to social media for inspiration. The mix of branded content, ads and social media posts are increasingly influencing shopper behavior.

According to McKinsey, 58% of consumers agree that social media influences their purchasing decisions during the holiday season. They also tend to turn to their favorite designers for product recommendations. Meta data shows that, for 29% of consumers, influencers help them discover gifts during the holiday season.

Of course, influencers not only contribute to product discovery, but also to purchasing decisions during the holiday season. With the rise of TikTok in particular, we can expect creators to continue to influence their audience’s purchasing decisions. Consumers are actively looking for recommendations on social media and are ready to make a purchase, making the holidays a strategic time to boost your sales.

The live stream will be everywhere

Social selling has gained traction this year, and the holiday season will be no exception. 63% of sales professionals said social selling has become important for closing new business. So expect to see an increase in live streaming where audiences can buy directly from your video stream.

Interested in this strategy? Consider which platforms work best for your audience or where they spend the most time, and then develop your approach to integrating sales into your video content.

Consumers will start their holiday shopping early

This holiday season trend is a continuation of what you’ve seen in the last couple of years. Last year, shoppers anticipated inventory issues and long lead times, prompting them to start their holiday shopping earlier than usual.

As consumers actively search for vacation deals earlier than usual, plan your digital marketing campaigns even earlier. Consider launching holiday product discounts early or offering cheaper ways to shop like gift sets or offering vouchers to spend in-store early.

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