Start-up Picsellia raises 2 million euros to accelerate its development

Picsellia, a start-up specializing in artificial intelligence, has just finalized a seed worth 2 million euros. This fundraising follows a first round of funding held a year ago. Several business angels, some of whom specialized in the field of AI, participated in this roundtable led by Axeleo Capital.

Picsellia has been offering innovative technological solutions since 2019 to allow its customers to understand their projects, from start to finish, in a systemic way. This new funding will allow the start-up specializing in artificial intelligence to respond to growing demand, while recruiting new employees.

Axeleo Capital and Acequia Capital support Picsellia

AXC2, Axeleo Capital’s new fund, helps start-up companies, particularly in the BtoB technology sectors, specializing in cybersecurity, Fintech, Saas and Web3. About the new investment in Picsellia, Brice Lapouble, Investment Director at Axeleo Capital, said: :

“Picellia is one of the few Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) companies that offer a full-stack approach to computer vision. At market scale, its solutions will drive innovation, enabling companies to accelerate the development and deployment of their AI-enabled projects.”

Acequia Capital, a historic investor, renews its confidence in the young start-up. For Marc Jalabert, partner in the venture :

Picsellia is at the heart of the industry’s innovation challenges for the next 20 years. Thibaut Lucas and Pierre-Nicolas Tiffreau have assembled a world-leading team of operations applied to computer vision and will open new application perspectives for companies “.

The two founders of Picsellia enjoy a certain notoriety and strong credibility in the AI ​​world, thanks in particular to their proximity to the MLOps communities.

Significant investments and customers abroad

Business angels recognized for their performance were present in this second round. Ludovic Le Moan, emblematic figure of French Tech, or Eric Mahé, entrepreneur specializing in mergers and acquisitions in the Tech sector. Other personalities linked to artificial intelligence, such as Badr Chentouf or Mehdi Ghissassi, were convinced by Picsellia’s solution, as well as by its founders. Knowing that three quarters of AI projects do not materialize, due to a blockage in the R&D phase, the start-up was designed in this sense in order to solve this problem.

The objective announced by the two founders of Picsellia ” is to enable European companies to create globally competitive organizations, using the French and European technology ecosystem in terms of data and computing power “. Among the company’s customers, some structures are based in Germany or Norway.

A global ambition for a young start-up

Picsellia’s goal is to become the world leader in computer vision MLOps. To achieve this goal, the startup wants to create 15 new positions to support its current team of engineers and count on collaborators in the area of ​​business development. Picsellia wants to cover all the needs of AI users, from SMEs to large enterprises.

It is the only “all-in-one” platform for automated image processing by AI, epitomized by Computer Vision. Picsellia’s offering is to allow data contributors, and especially data scientists and data engineers, to have all the tools available throughout the project lifecycle.

Concretely, to help AI initiatives see the light of day, Picsellia’s founders allow their users to manage their AI models over time. To ensure the proper development of AI, which is based on an iterative process, management, organization and continuous improvement tools must be made available to the structures.

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