Jeep Avenger: the electric SUV presented at the Paris Motor Show

In the family of all-electric Stellantis SUVs, I would like the Avenger. Thus, the new Avenger joins its cousins ​​Peugeot e-2008, Mokka-e and DS E-Tense. This week, as part of the Paris Motor Show 2022, the Jeep Avenger is presented for the first time in public alongside the Avenger 4xe Concept.

It was precisely on October 17, 2022, on the occasion of the press day of the Paris Motor Show, that the Jeep Avenger with 100% electric front-wheel drive was presented from all angles and in the smallest technical details. Unsurprisingly, this new electric car is based on the former PSA e-CMP platform, the American brand became part of the Stellantis group, after the merger between PSA and FCA carried out in early 2021.

As mentioned in the introduction, a vision of an Avenger also 100% electric but with all-wheel drive was presented at the Paris Motor Show: the Jeep Avenger 4xe Concept (pictured below).

Jeep Avenger 4xe Concept Mondial de l'Auto

In terms of style, the Jeep Avenger logically uses the specific visual codes of the American automaker’s models: grille with 7 vertical openings, curved wings, taillights that recall the cross pattern of the fuel can of the historic Jeep Willys. With its 4.08 m, the Avenger is positioned just below the Renegade (4,236 m). This new 100% electric SUV also intends to leave cities to venture further afield, along winding paths, for example. Therefore, the Avenger was developed with a very high ground clearance of 200 mm. The Avenger also has angles of attack, ventral and flight of 20, 20 and 32 degrees respectively.

Jeep Avenger electric car Electric SUV Mondial de l'Auto

At the Paris Motor Show, two Avengers are on display, including the one in “Granite Grey” with a black Volcano roof (in the cover photo of this issue) or a custom model that shows, inter alia, an “X-Camo” sticker. , an “Avenger” logo and blue accents. The wheels on this Avenger are 18 inches in size and finished in “Gloss Black” with blue accents.

Let’s enter the Jeep Avenger to discover a panel that stretches to the maximum and reveals volume, another sign of robustness dear to the Jeep. The central touch screen (10.25″) is perfectly positioned in the center of this same console. It’s as simple as it is pragmatic for maximum practicality. The latter is also found thanks to the presence of several storage spaces.

Depending on the version, the digital instrumentation is 7 or 10.25″ in size. Added to this are the standards of the current automotive market: navigation with voice recognition, compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, all wirelessly. Note that the Jeep Avenger is announced as the safest electric car in its category, its level 2 autonomous driving. Jeep also offers its mobile application in Avenger.

Before switching to the Jeep Avenger’s electric motorization, know that its trunk offers a cargo volume of 380 l. For comparison, it is 25 l less than the Peugeot e-2008.

Jeep Avenger electric car Electric SUV Mondial de l'Auto

The Jeep Avenger incorporates a new 115 kW156 hp electric motor that is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 54 kWh. The Chinese battery specialist, CATL, was responsible for supplying the cells that make up the Avenger’s battery. The latter has, in the WLTP mixed cycle, a range of 400 km. In the WLTP urban cycle, this last figure increases to 550 km.

Jeep Avenger electric car Electric SUV Mondial de l'Auto

Recharge level, the Jeep Avenger comes with a Mode 3 cable of 11 kW in alternating current. Result: this allows the battery to be recharged in 5h30 using a Wallbox. For direct current, a 100 kW Mode 4 fast charger is provided for recharging, this time in less than 30 minutes to go from 20 to 80% of the battery, in an Ionity terminal, for example.

Finally, we will have to wait until early next year, just before the commercial launch of the Jeep Avenger to know its prices. Regarding the entry model, we know, however, that it will be billed at less than €30,000. For those who are in a hurry and want to quickly acquire an electric car, the Jeep Avenger 1st Edition (from €39,500), a very well equipped version, is available in the “Sun yellow” / “Volcano black” roof options (in the photos of this article), black “Granite Grey” / “Volcano” or black “Volcano” ceiling.


Photos: Jeep and (Mathieu Langlais)

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