Click2Buy, the solution to simplify the purchase process for brands and increase their conversions

Michelin, Magimix, Ryobi… If these three companies operate in radically different sectors, they nevertheless have one thing in common: they have chosen Click2Buy to improve their customers’ purchase process. It is a “Store Locator 3.0” solution, also called Where To Buy (W2B). Implemented in various digital media, it allows brands to optimize the customer journey, generate traffic for distributors and obtain data to refine their digital strategies. In just ten years, the French-made platform has established itself as the leader in Where to Buy, thanks to its cutting-edge offering.


Better convert your traffic

Click2Buy was created with one goal in mind: to help brands better convert their traffic by simplifying the buying process. To do this, companies can add a “Where to buy?” button. on the product pages of your online store, as well as on your social networks. In short, all communication channels are supported. This means that it is possible to generate sales from each of them.

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The solution connects to tools such as PIM, CRM and ERP to automate product data retrieval and brand referencing. This information is then shared with the Click2Buy network, made up of more than 500 partners.

In a few moments, the local distributors that have the item in stock are displayed. This is a significant advantage considering that stock availability is important to 84% of consumers. For 37% of them, it is even fundamental (Click2Buy/OpinionWay study).

Available partners are then listed by distribution channel: store, delivery, click and pickup, and drive. The consumer only has to choose from the options offered. They can then complete their purchase online at the selected retailer’s website or in-store using the itinerary provided. So no need to open multiple tabs.

Thanks to Click2Buy, the customer can choose the purchase path that suits him best. For brands, this means an increase in conversion rate.


Track performance with advanced metrics

To optimize your digital strategy, it is imperative to monitor its performance. To do this, Click2Buy is armed with a back office with advanced statistics. From this analytics platform, brands can follow the entire user journey: from the moment they arrive on the product page to purchase on the distributor’s website. In short, it is possible to analyze all customer actions, even outside the company’s ecosystem.

click2buy analytics platform with statistics and graphs

An analytics platform is available at Click2Buy. Illustration: Click2Buy.

ROI, button clicks, conversion… The various key performance indicators (KPIs) are then essential to fine-tune your offers and your action plan. They allow you to see which products work best in a channel and which you need to invest more in. All of these are elements that allow you to refine your digital strategy and continually improve your customer journey.

A solution that coexists perfectly with e-commerce

If e-commerce and Where to Buy are generally perceived as diametrically opposed solutions, the combination of the two is nevertheless possible. This allows you not only to direct your customers to different sales channels, but also to give them the choice of how they want to get their products.

Implementing W2B on your merchant’s website also helps increase your sales. Suppose the customer is interested in the product of a little-known brand. Not very confident, there is little chance that he will buy. By joining the list of resellers thanks to WTB, consumers can choose brands they know and that they think are safe. This prompts you to proceed with your transaction.

Click2Buy is therefore suitable for both e-commerce businesses and those selling in stores. With this solution, they guarantee a fluid and flexible purchase process for their customers and thus increase their conversion rate.


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