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In a still sluggish market, however, electric cars continued to progress in 2021, but less markedly than in 2020. Above all, the hit parade has little to do with the previous year.

It has now been confirmed that new car sales barely increased in 2021 and are still well below 2019 levels. But obviously, under pressure from the authorities, electrified engines are faring better. While plug-in hybrid vehicles are up 85.3%, electric vehicles are up 46.1% and are also selling better than the first mentioned (162,118 units sold versus 133,908 for PHEV models). But note, however, that the increase is less pronounced than in 2020, when they jumped 159.4%. So, of course, we started from the top, but one could imagine that growth also or because it would not be stronger than the previous year, in particular because new electric vehicles are more and more numerous year by year, car manufacturers expand their range at high speed as it progresses. Precisely, if we always know approximately which vehicles will appear on the global hit parade, it is not always easy to predict which will be the most popular electric cars, most sensitive to the effect of novelty. So what are they? Reply.

Spectacular but logical increases for certain models

+561.2% for the Dacia Spring, +442.6% for the electric Fiat 500, +290.7% for the Renault Twingo, the numbers are enough to make you dizzy. But that’s forgetting that these models made their first full year in 2021. So it stands to reason that their sales have increased. However, we can only emphasize its great breakthrough. The success of Primavera and the 500 in particular is remarkable. The first, however, only started its career with individuals in the autumn and, as is often the case with the Romanian manufacturer, they already represent more than 70% of buyers! Obviously, many of you pre-ordered. As for the Italian, almost 1 in 2 models are sold in electric, not bad. In any case, their new presence in the top 10 means they’ve kicked out the Hyundai Kona electric, Nissan Leaf and DS 3 Crossback E-Tense. The first two mentioned aren’t very young anymore (even though the Korean SUV was recently retouched), the latter struggle to stand out.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the Tesla Model 3 that takes the lead, but only earns two spots overall. Logically, it was already well placed in 2020. Its progress relative to other electric cars is a little less stunning than elsewhere, in the private market for example, where it now appears in the top 10 (8th place), all models combined, when it was only 58th in 2020. It managed to please with its new entry version giving access to the €6,000 CO2 bonus. The Renault Zoé really loses its crown and is even the only model to fall within this top 10. Again, the fact that she’s old doesn’t work in her favor. The arrival of the new 100% electric Mégane E-Tech could change the rankings even further in 2022, as it looks well-born and is not much more expensive than its little sister. Verdict in January 2023!

The 10 best-selling electric cars in France in 2021

Model Ranking in 2021 Ranking in 2020 Number of copies sold Evolution 2020-2021
ModelTesla Model 3 Ranking in 20211 Ranking in 20203 Number of copies sold24,911 Evolution 2020-2021+284.6%
ModelRenault Zoe Ranking in 2021two Ranking in 20201 Number of copies sold23,575 Evolution 2020-2021– 37%
ModelPeugeot 208 Ranking in 20213 Ranking in 2020two Number of copies sold17,865 Evolution 2020-2021+7.9%
ModelDacia Primavera Ranking in 20214 Ranking in 202016 Number of copies sold11,386 Evolution 2020-2021+561.2%
ModelFiat 500 Ranking in 20215 Ranking in 202014 Number of copies sold9,556 Evolution 2020-2021+442.6%
ModelRenault Twingo Ranking in 20216 Ranking in 202012 Number of copies sold8,837 Evolution 2020-2021+ 290.7%
ModelKia and Niro Ranking in 20217 Ranking in 20205 Number of copies sold6,304 Evolution 2020-2021+23.6%
ModelVolkswagen ID.3 Ranking in 20218 Ranking in 20206 Number of copies sold5,860 Evolution 2020-2021+ 40%
ModelPeugeot e-2008 Ranking in 20219 Ranking in 20208 Number of copies sold5,461 Evolution 2020-2021+86.1%
Modelmini hatch Ranking in 202110 Ranking in 202010 Number of copies sold5,141 Evolution 2020-2021+ 107.2%

Source: AutoActu.com

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