It is possible to buy an old electric Autolib’ from 1 euro!

Posted on Apr 1, 2022, 7amUpdated April 1, 2022 at 8:14 am

At a time when prices at the pump are rising, happy are electric car owners. It is still necessary to have the means to change vehicles… That’s where Autopuzz comes in, a troublemaker who wants to shake up the sector with devastating prices.

Since 2018, the company has bought around 3,500 Bluecars, those electric cars that the Bolloré group operated in Paris (under the name Autolib’), Lyon and Bordeaux. All are cleaned and their worn parts (brakes, suspensions, etc.) replaced. Most are offered for sale by Autopuzz for 4,990 or 6,490 euros. The cheapest range includes vehicles from 2015 to 2016, which have between 40,000 and 120,000 kilometers on the odometer. The other concerns cars released in 2017 or later and that have driven less than 40,000 kilometers.

Founded in 2014 in Lorient, the company specializes in the sale of spare parts. When the Bolloré group announced that it would stop operating the Bluecars and planned to destroy them, Autopuzz immediately saw the opportunity. “It would have been an ecological disaster to discard them when they could still be used for years”esteems Guillaume Ramirez, director of the company.

He sees several advantages in this four-seater city car, which can only go up to 110 km/hour: “The battery is not for rent – ​​it is included in the sale of the vehicle, where some manufacturers offer a monthly rental. And you can recharge it at any 220V outlet, which is not the case for all manufacturers. » On the autonomy side, it varies between 150 kilometers outside urban areas and 250 kilometers in the city, according to the businessman.

“Many escape for less than 500 euros”

When buying a used electric vehicle, the French can claim the conversion bonus if they have an old vehicle to scrap (before 2011 for a diesel, before 2006 for a petrol). This bonus can, depending on your income, reach 5,000 euros.

The aid can be combined with the ecological bonus, which amounts to €1,000 for a used electric vehicle. The buyer can also get help from local authorities (metropolises, departments, regions, etc.). “Many survive for less than 500 euros. Some even for just 1 euro! » assures Guillaume Ramirez.

If the buyer is eligible for state aid, Autopuzz deducts it from the sale price. “This makes it possible to reach buyers who would not necessarily have the means to advance these costs, he explains. On our side, we are taking steps to be reimbursed by the State. » As for local assistance, which varies according to the territory, the company prefers that the buyer takes care of the formalities.

About 500 vehicles are looking for buyers

To make a purchase, customers register on and are then contacted by a brand consultant. Some are looking for a vehicle with as few kilometers as possible, while others are especially sensitive to the condition of the bodywork, the company says. They can optionally ask for the bodywork to be repaired, repainted or repainted with a color film (cover).

Each customer can try a Bluecar at one of the company’s agencies in Bordeaux, Lyon or Lorient or at a partner garage in Paris. If the buyer lives far away, he has the option to buy it remotely and have it delivered to his home. And in case of breakdown? The refurbished Bluecar has a twelve month warranty. “You can go to a repairer near you – many Citroën garages are approved to take them, explains the company director. Autopuzz can also intervene, but over a slightly longer period of time than your local mechanic. Count from three to ten days. »

Among the buyers of the 3,000 vehicles sold so far, many are in their thirties and students. “The latter usually have an old car, the one their grandfather had reserved for them, for example, observes Guillaume Ramirez. State aid allows them to change vehicles at rates never seen before for electric vehicles. »

An ephemeral operation for the company. To date, he has nearly 500 used Bluecars for sale. “We must not offer more because there are very few lots left to resume”explains the entrepreneur, who then intends to market new electric cars, or even in a second phase, embark on the reconditioning of private vehicles and why not become the ‘Back Market’ for electric vehicles.

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