Macron increases the “ecological bonus” to 7,000 euros

We assume the goal of 100% electric vehicles by 2035. In an interview with the daily “Les Echos” on Monday, October 17, Emmanuel Macron renewed his support for the electricity sector and announced a series of new increases in purchases.

Electric car: “The State must be the catalyst for change”

The “ecological bonus” will be increased from 6,000 to 7,000 euros for half of the households that buy an electric car, announced the Head of State, whose arrival is announced Monday for the opening of the Paris Motor Show.

The sequel after the announcement

“Because we want to make the electric car accessible to everyone, we are even going to increase the ecological bonus from 6,000 to 7,000 euros for half of the most modest homes”said the head of state.

These bonuses have made it possible to take off the electric market in many countries, while remaining much more expensive to buy than their gasoline or diesel equivalents. But several governments have already reduced aid amounts.

Models up to 47,000 euros

In France, this bonus is valid for vehicles sold for less than 47,000 euros, whether compact electric vehicles or SUVs. Public money thus subsidizes a type of vehicle that environmental defense associations describe as ” scourge for the climate » : “large SUVs, even electric ones, therefore emit more CO2 than if lighter models were preferred to them”, so recalls the WWF.

Due to its maximum limit, the premium can thus finance the purchase of a Renault Mégane or a Peugeot e-2008, but not a Tesla. Emmanuel Macron also asks us to strengthen the “European preference”or the advantages of buying cars made in Europe.

The sequel after the announcement

Freedom, equality, sobriety: how to reconcile ecological transition and social justice

This year’s Mondial de l’Auto has a large number of Asian manufacturers, such as BYD or Ora, who want to launch their electric models in the European market.

“Americans are buying Americans and they are carrying out a very offensive state aid strategy”explained Emmanuel Macron. “The Chinese are closing their market. We cannot be the only space, the most virtuous in terms of climate, that considers that there is no European preference”.

Electric car rental at 100 euros per month for the most modest homes is expected to be launched in the second half of 2023.

A tariff shield for electric charging stations

The tariff shield on energy prices will also be extended to recharges at electrical terminals, announced Emmanuel Macron. “Today prices remain reasonable, let’s make sure they stay that way”said the head of state.

The sequel after the announcement

He also specified that 150 million euros from “Green Background” would be “Arrows; Arrows” to Low Emission Zones (ZFE), to accompany these new bans on the circulation of older vehicles.

“What is unbearable for our countrymen is when they feel that the city is forbidden to them”said Emmanuel Macron. “We must support families with the most polluting vehicles to help them change vehicles and access the city centre, together with local authorities and employers”.

The crowd of electric car terminals: the reasons for the French delay

After hosting the auto industry for dinner on Sunday night, Emmanuel Macron intends to visit the fair for a long time on Monday during the open press day, before the general public arrives on Tuesday.

In a complicated context for the automotive industry, and after a cancellation in 2020, this 89th World Cup has lowered the sails. Organizers expect to receive between 300,000 and 400,000 visitors this year in just one week, compared to one million in nearly two weeks in 2018.

The sequel after the announcement

Without Volkswagen, BMW or Ferrari, this Mondial de l’Auto presents French and Chinese groups in majesty as the industry is embroiled in a historic shift towards electricity and paralyzed by the shortage of electronic chips. Car sales are at their lowest level since the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

The government has shown during this crisis the will to “Locate the entire electric car production chain in France, from battery production to recycling”said Elisha.

Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed his goal of two million vehicles produced in France by 2030, against 1.3 million in 2021.

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