No longer suffer from the discomfort of the cold thanks to a successful French start-up

Today, we are going to talk about a young French start-up that is growing and attracting more and more people because of its products.

Revolutionaries, they change the codes for a new winter experience.

Founded by two nature and environment enthusiasts, here’s their story.

A love affair with nature

With overflowing ambition, it all started ten years ago, when two French people in love with nature decided to travel to the four corners of France and Europe.

After visiting cities and environments where the climate is cold, they discover that the technical clothes they wear are often heavy, don’t allow for good mobility, and don’t provide enough warmth.

Forged by their adventures, it was in 2017 that they came up with the idea of ​​designing a company that looked like them. Its mission and objective is to combat the harmful effects of the cold to make the most of the winter season, keeping lightweight, high-performance clothing in any situation.

Packed by an entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit from an early age, in 2018 they founded the brand go up in winter. Your goal is then to develop a new type of jackets to enact pleasant warmth despite inclement weather and looser climates.

Having learned to try on a multitude of products in real situations, this allowed them to develop their expertise to create high quality technical garments.

After two long years of work, go up in winter offers its first heated jackets. This should be elegant, chic and ergonomic, your taste for the mountains and the urban world influences the choice of the design of your products.

heated clothing technology

To convey pleasant warmth in any situation, these garments incorporate innovative technology that is not new.

Dating back to the 19th century, it all started thanks to a British researcher and chemist working on the ancestor of the LED light bulb, the incandescent light bulb. At the time, it did not yet exist, but its functioning was already known.

The purpose of incandescence is to circulate a high-intensity electrical current through a filament to heat it up with great force so that it emits light.

At the time, the English chemist was working on the design of a carbon-based filament. However, after several failed attempts, his work was interrupted and left by the wayside. It will be in the 1950s that they will see the light of day again due to improved carbon manufacturing processes.

As it makes it possible to obtain a fiber richer in carbon, it is of interest to several sectors of the industry. However, they don’t want to use it to make light bulb filaments, but composite materials. Replacing fiberglass, this carbon fiber offers state-of-the-art technical characteristics, much appreciated by the industrial world.

It was only at the end of the 20th century that textile engineers became interested in this atypical fiber. Composed of 99% carbon, it has an excellent ability to transmit heat.

The engineers then decided to use it to make the lining of a pair of gloves. They are developing a system to power the fiber and the result is impressive. Gloves provide heat evenly to the fingertips.

Later this system will rise to torso level to allow for the development of revolutionary technical clothing.

Versatile jackets to go anywhere

Ushering in a new era in the technical jacket sector, the start-up go up in winter now offers a wide range of heated jackets.

In its online store, you will find several articles designed to adapt to your activities. Specialist in the outdoor sector, the tricolor company now offers coats, vests or even heated jackets to better adapt to the needs of its many followers.

Operating on battery power (supplied with the jacket), the laundry autonomy is from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the selected heating mode. Three in number, they are adjustable using an LED indicator located on the outer face of the suit.

Technical jackets designed for the cold, your clothes offer a waterproof and windproof surface to effectively insulate you from low temperatures.

In full growth, the brand’s products attract more and more people and its two founders want to export abroad to offer their products to as many people as possible.

If you want a jacket to protect you from the discomfort of the cold, go up in winter is the ideal solution, in addition to being French.

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