Fuel shortage: what helps to switch to electric?

For many French people, the current situation of gasoline shortages is a real daily headache. If some of the drivers can resort to telecommuting or commuting to other means of transport, others have to stand in endless queues at gas stations with no guarantee of leaving with a few liters.

A complex situation that makes many users think about their dependence on the car and that they are considering switching to another form of energy.

Between conversion bonuses, ecological bonuses, regional aids, the various aids that can be granted sometimes fall into administrative imbroglio and can be difficult to navigate. So we decided to take stock, dealing with both the purchase of a new and used electric vehicle.

Lack of fuel change for the electric car?

The French state offers two main financial aids: the ecological bonus of up to €6,000, and the conversion bonus, which can reach €5,000. In addition, some local authorities offer grants of up to €6,000.

Of course, this help is subject to conditions. We only indicate here the cases for private vehicles and individuals.

The ecological bonus

fuel shortage ecological bonus electric car

Several conditions must be met to qualify for this assistance. Thus, the new electric vehicle must:

  • be acquired or leased for a minimum period of 2 years;
  • be registered in France;
  • cannot be sold within 6 months of purchase, nor before 6000 kilometers have been covered, or 24 months in the case of rental;
  • in the case of PHEVs, the model offers an electric range of more than 50 kilometers and must be purchased below €50,000.

In the case of a used vehicle, the bonus is €1,000. He must :

  • be a used vehicle;
  • have a maximum CO2 emission rate of 0 g/km (electric vehicle);
  • be acquired or leased for a period of 2 years or more;
  • have been registered for the first time for 2 years or more after invoicing or paying the first rent;
  • be registered in France in a definitive series;
  • not belong to a member of the same tax family;
  • cannot be sold within 2 years from the date of invoicing or payment of the 1st rent.

Two- and three-wheel vehicles and electric quadricycles can also benefit from the Ecological Bonus.

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Eco bonus electric motorcycle

The Conversion Bonus

For the conversion bonus, it is a little more complicated as the scrapping of the vehicle must be done within six months after the invoice date of the vehicle purchased or leased. Buyers also undertake not to sell their vehicle within six months of first registration and without having driven at least 6,000 kilometers. The value of the conversion bonus depends on CO2 emissions, as well as other criteria: the engine of the new model and the scrapped vehicle, the date of first registration and the quality of the beneficiary, whether private or professional .

The conversion bonus applies irrespective of the vehicle (private or utility) dismantled in an approved VHU (End of Life Vehicle) center and whose total authorized weight does not exceed 3.5 tonnes. It can be a vehicle:

  • diesel first registered before 2011 (Crit’Air 3 and more);
  • gasoline registered before 2006 (Crit’Air 3 and more).

The scrapped vehicle must also:

  • were acquired at least one year ago;
  • be covered by a valid insurance contract.

Premium for converting electric cars and motorcycles

To estimate the value of your conversion bonus depending on the vehicle you wish to purchase and your situation, we advise you to use the simulator at the bottom of this page: https://www.primealaconversion.gouv.fr/dboneco/welcome/

The ecological bonus and the conversion bonus are grants, subject to conditions, which can be combined. In addition, the metropolises of Greater Paris and the Île-de-France region also offer additional prizes of up to €6,000. Again, many conditions are required and we invite you to simulate your potential help before starting.

In short

Finally, it is not so easy to navigate between the different aids granted and to know who is entitled to them and how. If the ecological bonus is valid for everyone, the conversion bonus depends not only on the vehicle you scrap, but also on your means test. It will also be necessary to take into account the price of the vehicle, as it will not always be easy to purchase a new model when you live in a household whose tax reference income is less than €13,489; As a reminder, a Dacia Spring, the cheapest electric car on the market, is offered excluding €19,800 bonus.

In the face of a gas installation of this type, we can only recommend that you set up the process directly with your dealer so that all the aid you are entitled to are deducted directly from your final purchase price. Furthermore, the use of electricity is not an end in itself and will have to be adapted to your needs. If you’re a large vehicle and don’t have a charging point at home or in the office, it’s probably best to wait for the technology to mature and the charging network to become denser.

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