Venn Telecom, First to Market Elon Musk’s Satellite Internet in Belgium

The telecommunications engineering company will market the American Starlink satellite internet access system in Belgium, a division of billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX company. Venn Telecom expects to double its turnover in 18 months.

the business of Venn Telecom, is the so-called “improved” Internet access. The company, based outside Brussels, offers its industrial customers guaranteed and worldwide access to the internet, under all circumstances and with ease for users. So there is no longer any doubt for these industrial players to settle for an intermittent or poor quality connection.

“Our customers have their own Internet access systems,” explains Pierre-Gilles Dehaye, CEO of Venn Telecom. Our job is to provide them with a seamless service, for all their terminals, fixed or mobile (like truck fleets or chain stores, editor’s note) adding our technology on top of their own networks. And that, regardless of the mobile operators and regardless of the mobile technologies used. All on a global scale.”

Venn Telecom achieves this increased interconnectivity without going through the company’s networks, but through mobile networks such as 4G or 5G that add a layer of connectivity to existing systems.

Starting this week, this Venn Telecom service can also count on starlink satellite links, one SpaceX divisionone of the billion dollar companies Elon Musk. Venn Telecom has indeed become the first Belgian reseller of the American company’s terminals.

How to increase your revenue? “Without a doubt, continues Pierre-Gilles Dehaye, but not profiting from the sale of American equipment, Starlink forces us to sell its terminals at the price at which we buy them. Our profit comes from complementary services we offer our customers thanks to this new feature.”


millions of euros

Launched in 2014, Venn Telecom currently has around twenty employees and continues to recruit. In 2021, its turnover was 3.3 million euros. This year, the boss expects 4.6 million euros.

On its website, Starlink advertises the color. To be able to have your satellites at high speed and low latency, it will cost the customer 80 euros per month and the prior purchase of the equipment, which is billed 460 euros.

robust connectivity

Launched in 2014, Venn Telecom currently has around twenty employees and continues to recruit. In 2021, its turnover was 3.3 million euros. This year, the boss expects 4.6 million. “A number that must double in 18 months thanks to the opportunities that Starlink offers us”, says Pierre-Gilles Dehaye,

Among the company’s customers are big corporations whose robust connectivity needs are paramount. This is for example the VRT, Atlas Copco, AGC, Jan de Nul… “What we realize with the high-speed, low-latency internet services we offer our customers is that this guaranteed accessibility allows companies to develop, imagine new services, new products that previously could not exist. We have some examples in telemedicine or robotics. In the context of the “Cloud first” evolution of companies, the issue of guaranteeing access to the network is also essential”, insists the telecommunications engineer.

cyber security

Pierre-Gilles Dehaye also welcomes the new opportunity that Starlink represents for your company in terms of cybersecurity. “We have strong new arguments in terms of connectivity resilience,” he says. “If a 4 or 5G operator were impacted by a service outage, our solutions would continue to be operational thanks to satellites.”

Venn Telecom’s development will also immediately pass throughopening of a branch in France. “We were already working in France, but via Belgian clients”, indicates Pierre-Gilles Dehaye. “The idea now is to work directly with local dealers and actively prospect the market. Eventually, this should lead to acquisitions.”

In France, but also in Germany, Venn Telecom is targeting the manufacturing industries. Not so much for your local activities, but for your needs abroad. Especially for companies whose development programs are slowed down by connectivity issues.

The summary

  • Telecommunications engineering company Venn Telecom offers its industrial customers guaranteed access to the Internet worldwide, in all circumstances.
  • It is the first to market in Belgium the American satellite Internet access system Starlink by Elon Musk.
  • Enough to allow him to offer new arguments in terms of cybersecurity.
  • This partnership will increase its turnover and open a branch in France.

Starlink wants to connect the planet from the sky

A division of SpaceX, billionaire Elon Musk Starlink’s company provides a Internet connection through the largest constellation of state-of-the-art satellites ever deployed.

This constellation allows connectivity in the most isolated places where access has always been unstable, expensive or simply non-existent. Most satellite internet services come from geostationary satellites, located in a geostationary orbit about 36,000 km above Earth. As a result, the round-trip data transmission time between the user and the satellite, also known as latency, is high, making it nearly impossible to support activities that require high data rates.

The satellites of the Starlink constellation, which sail at an altitude of 550 km, therefore they orbit much closer to the planet. Its latency is significantly lower. It goes from 600 milliseconds to about 20 milliseconds. Enough to allow high speed and high speed

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