A start-up from Liège wants to enter assisted reality

The founders of the start-up Get Your Way, which created assisted reality glasses, stood out during the Awex technology mission in Texas. They are working on a fundraising campaign.

While Awex’s fall tech mission to Texas includes some well-established companies as well as several very promising start-ups, there’s also a Walloon delegation inspecting the massive Texas A&M University campus. some more junior profiles. These are the winners of the Startech contest, a training and coaching program created in 2011 by WSL, the incubator for techno-entrepreneurs.

Due to the pandemic, two teams of winners were part of the trip this time around. With a particularity for one of them: they have already created a start-up to translate their initial prototype project on marketable equipment.

This beautiful story, called “Get Your Way” begins three years ago, when three engineering students from Liège won the final of the Startech 2019 competition, with a project device to be attached to glasses, which allows motoboys, through an application linked to a browser, to view data related to traffic and its safety. A kind of GPS goggles, intended for cyclists and runners. “The initial idea was that when you are a motoboy, it is often difficult to find your way”, explains Antoine Malherbe, one of the creators of the equipment. “Many of them have a phone or GPS dangling from their handlebars to navigate. This forces them to take their eyes off the road and increases the risk of an accident.”

Venture Laboratory

The project will evolve rapidly while the team changes a bit. Pierre Jenchenne joins Antoine Malherbe and Nicolas Dessambre to transform try and ride a star, who will take their first steps at VentureLab, the Liège start-up incubator accessible to students and young graduates.

“It’s not a Google Glass-like device. We’re more here in a head-up display.”

Pierre Jechenne

get your way

After analyzing the needs of companies, young entrepreneurs decide open to the market of SMEs that want improve your business thanks to assisted reality technology, technology that allows you to superimpose information from the real world on the user’s vision without impeding him. “We are proposing to democratize access to glasses connected with assisted reality. We do not want to compete with large companies that offer expensive and complex glasses”, argues Nicolas Dessambre. “This is not a device similar to Google Glass. We are more here in a head-up display” confirms Pierre Jenchenne, who cites as an example practical application of inventories. A big name is already interested in your project: bpost. The Belgian operator is interested in its product, which can help reduce and facilitate rounds for its postmen.



The creators of the start-up want to raise funds, estimated at 500 thousand euros.

The three students who have already completed their course can now dedicate themselves full-time to their start-up. The following objectives are to develop the final product – seeking in particular to reduce the size of the equipment – and to raise funds, estimated at 500,000 euros, which would make it possible to launch the production of a pre-series.

Get You Way, which would like to join the WSL technology incubator, has the support of multi-entrepreneur Yves Warnant, manager Jan-Charles Van Hall, specializing in systems for the horeca sector, and technology company Taipro. If the project is not yet mature enough to be of direct interest to American investors, the mission to Texas will have enabled young entrepreneurs to learn how to sell their project. and be challenged by his interlocutors on the other side of the Atlantic.

Fire Eyes, the wildfire detector

Less advanced – because newer – than Get Your Way, the project Fire Eyes is also a winner (2021) of the Startech training and coaching program created by the WSL. This is’a mobile device that detects fires and wildfires. It is the work of engineering students at UMons Polytech College.

This detector, which includes a tower equipped with a camera and sensors, constantly scans the terrain to be monitored in 360 degrees. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it can detect fires and the start of fires very early and immediately alert firefighters or landowners. The device runs on solar energy. The creators of the project have already created a first version of the tower, currently equipped with a camera. They are working on adding sensors.

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