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In March 2021, Polish group InPost announces its intention to buy its French counterpart Mondial Relay for 565 million euros. Objective ? Expand your international presence in e-commerce (over a billion orders are delivered per year). In July of the same year, the acquisition was registered. Quentin Benaultthen commercial director of Mondial Relay, becomes the new general manager in January 2022. The stated ambition is clear: become the European leader in out-of-home deliveries. Mondial Relay is present in France, Benelux, Spain and Portugal, emphasizes Quentin Benaud. As for InPost, the company covers Poland, the UK and Italy mostly with lockers. We have real complementarity in terms of geographies and systems.”

Densify the instructions

In 2021, Mondial Relay delivered 140 million orders in France. It has a network of 12,000 relay points (16,000 in all countries) and 1,500 lockers (deposits) distributed throughout the territory, mainly among retailers, for a total turnover of 500 million euros. he serves over 105,000 e-merchants. Each relay point is paid 35 cents per order and takes between 30 and 40 cents daily for delivery.

The duration of order availability (relay points/setpoints) today at 14 days increases to 8 days from 1er November 2022.

“95% of orders are collected in three days”, indicates the DG.

In turn, InPost indicates over 500 million parcels shipped in Polandyour home market and a 50 to 60% market share in lockers (between 17 and 18,000 lockers in the country). “80% of InPost billing is done in lockers, the rest is divided between relay points and home delivery”, says the leader. In the UK and Italy, relay points are being developed.

In France, Mondial Relay intends to complete its network through lockers. “Lockers have the advantage of being available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, points to the leader. We want to develop them in the provinces, mainly in car parks, with a target of 2,000 by the end of the year. Lockers are fully autonomous, drivers load them directly. Unlike collection points, there is no need to allocate work hours to employees.” The delivery company works like this with large retailers: Lidl with 250 equipped stores (with the aim of covering 3/4 of the park, that is, 800-900 points of sale by the end of 1er quarter of 2023), System U (250-300 stores), Carrefour… At the same time, Mondial Relay will open 1,000 relay points in 2022.

The launch of a mobile application to facilitate the passage

end of september, Mondial Relay has launched its mobile app dedicated to receiving, sending and tracking parcels, to offer French customers an optimal experience. “The first mobile application in the area of ​​parcel delivery in France”, says the leader. The app allows real-time tracking of all packages, shipped and awaiting receipt and irrespective of the e-merchant in question. All packages are visible in the app. At the same time, thanks to a multi-account functionality, users with multiple phone numbers or multiple email addresses can find all their information on a single connection platform. “A practical solution for members of the same family.” The customer can be geolocated and guided to the desired collection point. It is possible to pick up multiple parcels with a single QR code and send a loved one instead by sharing the QR code/collection code with them. The app also opens the locker remotely and can generate the labels or print.

Each customer activity is recognized and centralized in the application through the ID. The route is thus personalized in the (free) application, downloadable from the AppStore and Google Play. New features are already planned for early 2023such as purchasing tags directly from the app or implementing a chatbot dedicated to customer service. “This innovation marks a new stage in the company’s digitalization strategy”, explains Quentin Benaud. Since September, Mondial Relay has also been experimenting with D+1 express delivery with certain retailers and e-merchants such as Oscaro.

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