An electric car must travel 135,000 km to offset its additional cost

An electric car is very expensive. We knew. The latest AlixPartners study confirms this, no offense to all the political censers who praise him. Today there are “3,000 euros more in raw materials” for an electric car compared to a conventional thermal car, says Alexandre Marian, associate director at AlixPartners. The differential was “before Covid only 1,500 euros”. Increases in the price of cobalt, nickel and lithium have an impact on battery costs, the nerve of the so-called zero-emission car. The raw material content was only “2,900 euros” in 2020 in an electric car. “It rose to 6,850 euros at the peak of last March, before falling to 5,076 euros today, and it should not fall further”, notes Alexandre Marian.

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