Before its Prime Day, Amazon pulverizes the price of these 7 nuggets

Prime Day is an operation signed by Amazon to thank its most loyal customers. For two days, the merchant highlights exclusive promotions for Prime subscription holders. The latter is available for 69.99 euros per year, but is also found as a 30 day free trial. You can use this free access to take advantage of current offers.

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Today, Prime Day is an event that generates more revenue than Black Friday for Amazon. France’s top trader prefers to focus on its own operations to drive down prices. All themes are covered by generous discounts and the latest products are also highlighted. It’s the perfect time to shop.

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Discover Amazon offers

Officially, Prime Day will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday (October 11-12) on Amazon. As with Black Friday, though, the shopkeeper likes to get an early start with small discounts here and there. Since the start of this weekend, you’ve had a number of iconic products on sale. Discounts can sometimes reach -50% on certain references.

The principle of Prime Day on Amazon is as follows. Starting at midnight and for 48 hours, the cybermerchant presents tens of thousands of products for sale. As soon as the stock is empty, the product is withdrawn from the catalogue. So you have to hurry from the beginning to enjoy it. The more time passes, the more out of stock and it becomes difficult to access the best offers on the site.

The 2022 Prime Day Sale

Amazon presents itself as a premium e-tailer. Focuses on recognized brands and popular products. Logically, therefore, it does not participate in sales in France, which are mainly de-stocking. Instead of sharing the spotlight during the famous Black Friday with other merchants, he developed the concept of Prime Day. This is to thank loyal customers.

Originally, Prime Day was launched to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the American giant. Since then, every year, the trader organizes such an operation. The year 2022 is something original, as there will be 2 operations of this type. The first was carried out during the month of July, while the second will therefore be carried out during the month of October. Black Friday is a month away.

It is possible that Amazon will pull the big game during this Prime Day, to the point of almost forgetting the concept of Black Friday. Remember that Prime Day in July was much more qualitative and aggressive than last year’s Black Friday. If you’re looking to make big savings, it’s in your best interest to take advantage of this Prime Day. Even if it means doing your holiday shopping from then on.

During Prime Day, Amazon is prohibited from selling products at a loss. He must therefore sell for more than his purchase price. During the year, the only time he can do this is during sales. If, therefore, it cannot sell products below the purchase price (so as not to distort competition), Amazon can still reduce its margins. That’s why during Prime Day and Black Friday we can see tempting discounts.

Discover Amazon offers

Prime Day for Prime Members

Amazon envisioned Prime Day to celebrate its 20th anniversary with its loyal customers. But since then, every year, he has held this party to thank Prime member customers. This subscription has a cost: 69.99 euros per year or 6.99 euros per month. It’s non-committal. It has certainly increased by €20 this year, but the value for money remains aggressive. It’s not just limited to the e-commerce part.

In this case, the Prime program is not limited to Prime Day only. Amazon offers these customers free 24-hour shipping. It also gives you access to Prime Video, Prime Gaming and Prime Music. There are three subscriptions that can compete with Netflix, Spotify and Steam. The American giant will make you recoup a large part of that cost.

If you’re not a Prime member but still want to take advantage of Prime Day discounts, just choose the 30-day free option. You don’t even need to enter your credit card codes. You will be eligible for all discounts displayed as part of this very special operation. Delivery will also be free and guaranteed within 24 hours, which is a real comfort.

A very popular e-commerce event

In just a few years, Prime Day has become one of the most important e-commerce events in France. Amazon’s competitors do not compete in this operation: the e-commerce ogre therefore has all the space for it. He always takes the opportunity to make a show of strength in his ability to get out of unexpected discounts. This is the perfect time to buy cheap.

Officially, Prime Day Amazon runs from midnight Tuesday to late Wednesday, October 12. That said, Amazon didn’t wait for that date to launch the first good deals. It’s better to take advantage of them now before they run out. It is also possible to extend delivery dates if demand for the products is high. To be sure of being delivered within 24 hours, you will therefore have to be among the first to buy the reference.

For those who don’t have time to scrutinize the thousands of offers available on the platform, our page will list the best offers in real time. This gives you direct access to the Amazon Prime Day crème de la crème. Just put it in your favorites to access the main discounts of the American giant in just one click. This list will be kept until Wednesday night.

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Discover Amazon offers

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