Near Chartres, a sustainable and profitable garden designed as a start-up

Alexia Rey, manager at NeoFarm, and Pierre-Emmanuel, operations manager at the Garancières farm (©Valérie François – NeoFarm)

As part of the startup ecosystem of Village by CA Brie Picardie NeoFarm continues its development by launching the activity in first customer’s farmowned by young farmers in Garancières-en-Beauce (Eure-et-Loir).

NeoFarm has developed a model of sustainable gardens and launch the activity in first supported operationin the south of Ile-de-France, in partnership with young farmers.

A pilot farm in Yvelines

After ten months of project structuring and work, in August the farm received the horticulture team that works daily to cultivate organic vegetablesdistributed locally applying agroecological practices.

Created in 2018, NeoFarm launched in 2021 the vegetable production activity in its pilot farminstalled on two hectares in Yvelines.

For over four years, the team has been developing technologic solutions in addition to its agronomic expertise “to bring to light an ecological production model, profitable and attractive for the people who work on these farms” communicates the company.

I start with farmers’ children

The first farm was created with young project leaders, children of farmers.

Daughter and son of farmers, Hortense and Thibaut wanted to take over the family farm in Beauce, after a first professional life away from agriculture. Its objective is to gradually convert the farm, which is conducted in large conventional cultivation of vegetables and cereals.

Alexia Rei

These young operators also appreciate the project of to diversify through the creation of several workshops, starting with horticulture to locally distribute organic and seasonal vegetables.

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What led them to approach NeoFarm.

We decided to join forces in order to be able to assume all the roles in the management of an agricultural activity and master all the skills in the face of the challenges to be faced. NeoFarm brings us its know-how and unique technology, we bring our entrepreneurial spirit and our local roots!

Hortense and Thibaut Young Farmers

A farm and tech bricks

This farm of 4 hectares it integrates “all the technological bricks developed by the company (portal, tools and management application)” says Alexia Rey.

The company’s design office also supported young farmers in farm projectwhich includes many areas of biodiversityafterwards in the execution of the installation works, and will continue to accompany them in the agricultural activity management and distribution.

Thirty projects under study for communities and farmers

the company of Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche claims about thirty files currently in the making to join your model.

About thirty projects to install farms according to the NeoFarm model are being studied throughout France. They are mainly carried out by local authorities and farmers, even though companies (particularly in the agri-food sector) and individuals are also interested in the solution and in supporting the company.

Alexia Rei

The objectives of these actors are varied, from the desire to relocate plant production for communities in order to increase their food resilience, seeking to diversify their activity and their sources of income for farmers.

Nearby cities to feed 1000 people daily

These farms are installed in areas of a few hectares close to the cities, to
produce organic and local vegetables.

They adopt agricultural practices that respect the environment and biodiversity. Depending on the cultivated areas, they can feed more
than 1,000 people daily and allow you to create two to ten market gardening jobs locally.

Swarm the national territory

At the same time, NeoFarm is launching a call for projects to identify partner territories to accelerate the development of projects and more quickly implement vegetable gardens throughout the national territory.

This allows NeoFarm’s design office to accompany the first phase of the project: the preliminary study of the implementation of a farm adapted to the identified terrain and the area of ​​local consumption.

There are several moments of discussion with the company’s teams, agronomists, engineers, horticulturists, distribution specialists, etc., allowing to take into account all the challenges of the territory.

“Some communities are already advanced and even include these projects in the context of a territorial food project (PAT), while others are in more preliminary stages of reflection” evokes Alexia Rey.

This call for projects will be transformed into a permanent offer to meet the growing demand of public actors.

About NeoFarm

A partner in the installation and operation of vegetable gardens close to cities, NeoFarm develops technological and agroecological solutions for the production of organic and local vegetables.
Created in 2018 by Alexia Rey and Technofounders, NeoFarm brings together a solid team of entrepreneurs, engineers and agronomists around a common ambition: to put innovation at the service of sustainable agriculture. NeoFarm has won several awards and distinctions from Bpifrance, the Ile-deFrance region, ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition (French Tech Agri20, Innov’Up Leader PIA, iNov, Label GreenTech Innovation).

To meet the food needs of the French population, vegetable gardens must quickly appear in the territory.

More than 20,000 farms could thus be installed, accompanied or not by NeoFarm.

“We are joining forces with local actors and farmers to accelerate the agricultural and ecological transition! adds the company’s co-founder.

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