Zeway, the best electric scooter offer on the market?

ZeWay offers an unprecedented electric mobility solution, with battery replacement, which allows you to recharge your scooter in a few seconds.

What if charging your electric scooter was no longer a restriction? At a time when manytwo-wheel electric vehicle users sometimes struggling to find the right infrastructure for their vehicle, young start-up Zeway offers a new and very practical solution. Battery replacement. A very simple handling system, which brings a real solution on electric mobility in the city. From there to make Zeway the best offer on the market about electric scooters? We explain everything about this new electric mobility player.

Zeway, a new major player in urban mobility?

Zeway is the story of two french self-entrepreneurs from the world of photovoltaic energy, Stéphanie Gosset and Amaury Korniloff. The latter, inspired by the technologies used in Asia, quickly wanted to provide a solution for charging electric scooters. They created Zeway in 2019. Stéphanie Gosset, co-founder, explains that “People chose the scooter to save time. So, necessarily, spending several hours recharging your battery represents a real problem.. The company therefore revolves its business strategy around ultra-fast charging and leasing. An offer that thus responds to the market trend regarding the mobility of electric two-wheel vehicles, with demand increasingly focused on monthly subscription, with or without commitments.

If Zeway is currently only available in Paris, the company wants to develop in several other major French and European cities.

What services are offered?

Zeway offers several subscription offers, in one currently limited range of scooters (3 models available). The latter should expand in the coming months, with the arrival of a 3 wheel electric scooter.

The company allows you to have access to a 50 cm3 or 125 cm3 electric scooter, which we show you a little further below. Whichever track you choose, insurance (Allianz) and maintenance (Doc’Biker) are included in the subscription price and the mileage is unlimited. Battery replacement is freeas well as access to the mobile application.

So you have a personal scooter and a network of shared batteries that saves you from having to recharge your vehicle somewhere. The formula turns out to be well thought out and allows access to a personal electric scooterconnected to an extensive charging network.

A recharge in 50 seconds and an already well-developed network

This is the motto of the young start-up, charging your scooter in 50 seconds. An ambitious concept and still brilliantly assured by the company. The operation is simple and is done in three steps. You recover the discharged battery of your scooter (kind of small box of 10 kg), you take it to the nearest Zeway terminal, where you collect a full battery from the same terminal you reinstall on your scooter. And that’s all. Change is like taking a bag of groceries and putting it back on your scooter.

To ensure optimal coverage of your charging stations, Zeway has established several partnerships. Mostly with the brand Monoprix, but also with BNP Paribas and a vast network of local stores (laundry etc). Each user thus finds a Zeway charging station less than two kilometers from their home. The latter are thus placed at the entrance of Monoprix stores, bank branches and small shops.

Use is strictly reserved for Zeway subscribers. You can find these terminals at Paris interior, but also the inner and outer suburbs. The mobile application allows you to find the nearest charging station. Zeway guarantees its customers permanent access to a charged battery, and the exchange is free and unlimited.

Note that it is always possible to recharge your scooter thanks to the presence of a conventional socket. Zeway also offers a battery charging cradle for connecting at home.

How is the ZeWay range composed?

The Zeway range is divided as follows, the 50cc offer with the models swapperOne and exchange X and the 125 cc range with the model swapperX+. I’scooter autonomy between two swap oscillates between 40 and 60 kilometers. Discover the technical sheet of Zeway scooters:

SwapperOne SwapperX Changer W+
electric motor BOSCH 3kW BOSCH 4kW BOSCH 5kW
Autonomy 40km 60km 60km
Speed 45 km/h 45 km/h 80 k/h
Acceleration 0 to 45 km/h in 5 s 0 to 45 km/h in 5 s 0 to 45 km/h in 5 s
Weight 74kg 92kg 92kg
Reverse Watched
driving modes Eco, Pattern, Sport Eco, Pattern, Sport Eco, Pattern, Sport
wheels 12 inches 16 inches front

14 inch rear

16 inches front

14 inch rear

Brake Combined front/rear Combined front/rear Combined front/rear

Our take on the swapperOne (50 cm3) version: swapperOne is easy to handle and quite comfortable. The electric motorization makes it possible to take advantage of frank accelerations. But beware, this instantaneous power is enough to unseat less experienced riders, even with a 50 cm3. Three driving modes allow you to dose and control electrical power in the best possible way. The fact that the scooter is equipped with combined front and rear brakes provides linear and safe braking. The swapperOne is also lightweight and easily slips through traffic. Main dark point of this scooter, its practicality. It will be necessary to pay €400 to obtain an accessory pack that will allow you to obtain a 40-litre top-case. Because without this package, it is difficult to store anything on board (due to the presence of the battery under the saddle).

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Is Zeway’s offer more economical than buying an electric scooter?

Then the Zeway offer appears really more interesting? The first subscription is available at €130 per month for the swapperOne model. A necessarily attractive price, as it offers insurance and maintenance, with unlimited mileage. But this price is associated with a 36-month commitment, which implies a total cost of €4,680 over 3 years (36 months). A price that remains more competitive than subscription offers from sharing platforms (Cityscoot, Yego, etc.). But it’s more interesting than buying or LOA for an electric scooter.

The average price of a new electric scooter from 50cc well equipped is about € 3,000. Later ecological bonus deduction, the price drops between €2,000 and €2,500. Add to that a average annual budget of €600 (insurance, maintenance, 5,000 km/year charge), and you get a scooter for €4,100-4,600 over three years. During this period, your scooter returns to you in average between 114 and 128 € per month. This is a monthly fee close to that offered by Zeway.

As for the 125 cm3 offer, Zeway offers a monthly subscription with a commitment of €149 per month for three years. That’s a total of €5,364. The average price of a new 125cc electric scooter is around €4,000 (€3,100 after obtaining the eco bonus). Common average annual budget of €800 (insurance, maintenance, charge of 5,000 km/year), the purchase of a 125 cm3 costs €5,500. Or one average monthly budget of €152 over three years. Again, it is slightly superior to what Zeway offers. It should be noted that the aid granted by the Paris City Council, the Greater Metropolis of Paris and the Île-de-France region, which allow the price of new buildings to be reduced a little further, is not included in the prices shown.

Be that as it may, the young start-up remains very cheap and is in the industry average. To ensure customer loyalty, Zeway offers great price offers once the commitment period is over. It remains to be seen whether the company will be able to seduce customers with its offer. Zeway guarantees in any case to be able to meet the demand. Offers are also available for professionals. Enough to make Zeway a serious player in the electric mobility market in the city.

This offers great prospects for the young company that also attracts the attention of big names in the automotive industry who are interested in the battery swap concept.

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