Training and innovation in the world of e-commerce.

Start-up specializing in e-commerce training, merci e-commerce cultivates a demand for proximity and a high level of support to offer commerce and artisans a personalized transition to e-commerce.

Who said French companies don’t care about the local economy? Certainly no thanks e-commerce, a rising star in the formation of merchants and artisans in e-commerce that has already attracted more than 450 merchants, artisans and independent workers in all areas of activity: hairdressers, self-employed artisans, artists, designers, antique dealers , wholesalers, stores,… spread over 10 French regions.

Since July 2020, merci e-commerce has helped bring more and more merchants and artisans into successful digital and e-commerce transformation.

Far from providing services, from the web agency model… it is through training that merchants, artisans and project leaders find a strengthening of their e-commerce and digital skills to get in line. While consumer demands are evolving towards more responsible behavior, online sales represent a double promise that merci e-commerce has taken on head-on: training local economic actors and supporting the development of an e-commerce sector.

Support creators with personalized training and support

Two years ago, small and medium-sized businesses were forced to digitize at high speeds to continue offering their online offering during closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite occasional help from the state, many artisans, local merchants and small structures found themselves powerless in the face of this forced digitization. If online sales are expected to reach more than 25% of commerce in France by 2025, and a recent study highlights that 66% of VSMEs claim to have a website, this is not enough to build a sustainable e-commerce strategy. Thank you e-commerce was born from this realization.

Johana Bolender, a young graduate of ENS and CELSA, wanted to help artisans at the Saint-Ouen flea market start their digitization during confinement. That’s why she created Merci e-commerce, a training organization whose objective is to “train commerce in e-commerce”. Developed in the heart of the Saint-Ouen flea market and then extended to the entire region, the training offer wins the hearts of traders, artisans and project leaders, giving them access to an expensive value: digital autonomy. With offices in Paris, Lyon and soon in Lille, merci e-commerce offers around twenty specific training courses for e-commerce.

For Johana Bolender, founder and CEO of merci e-commerce, “at a time when the government is launching a reflection on responsible e-commerce, our efforts should mainly benefit local companies. Supporting traders and artisans in our city centers through digital training is one of the keys to achieving the emergence of a responsible sector, benefiting the local economy. »

Train, renew, develop… trade without distorting

The local business digital school now supports hundreds of artisans and merchants every month. The reason for this success: merci e-commerce is the first player in the professional training world to formalize face-to-face training, in small groups, on this recent trend in online commerce. All training is given by experts from big names who provide trainees with specific skills for their activity. The team was able to develop state-of-the-art pedagogy to train companies in e-commerce.

For example, the My First Online Store course is a two-day course to understand the entire creation and operational management of a commercial website: tools and software, notions of digital marketing, online product placement, shipping logic, etc. The Create or Take Over an E-Commerce Business course addresses a crucial question these days: how to start a 100% online business and establish yourself there?

Thank you e-commerce: figure of the new training wave

Johana Bolender (CEO) and James Byrne (COO and former Amazon France) represent a new generation of entrepreneurs in training and educational innovation. In addition to the six specialists from Merci’s e-commerce team, fifteen independent trainers are involved in sharing their experience in different sectors: hospitality and catering, art and creation, large marketplaces and in numerous topics such as logistical excellence… Unlike many other startups that raise significant funds with no guarantee of success, Young Shoot relies solely on its own resources and the income generated by its services to grow.

Merci e-commerce has just opened its second office in Lyon, will soon set up shop in Lille and will launch its first merci learning platform in October 2022.

By establishing strong partnerships with local institutions, it ensures accelerated growth that promotes long-term employment and service reliability.

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