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Enrollment in health universities in Europe is now experiencing real progress thanks to technology aimed at informing, standardizing and protecting students who wish to pursue their health studies.

Each country and each university today use different and sometimes poorly digitized methods. By email, filling in PDFs or simply answering questionnaires, a real obstacle course for students and a real headache for monitoring university applications.

Personal experience at the service of the GEDS solution

Based on this premise, Gilles Belissa wanted to standardize processes for students and create a dynamic application administration tool for universities.

“Universities have different needs, expectations and constraints than traditional service companies that find their happiness in existing administrative management software. The market needed a service and a platform that would allow the promotion of the training provided in its establishments, the secure retrieval of information and student application documents, the personalized follow-up of these young people in need of training and the automated classification of the latter for select them objectively. says the founder., simplified management and optimized organization of university administration

“ is the first online software that addresses all the management and organization problems of processing student files. And it is also the first site that gathers and simplifies information about the health studies system in Europe and particularly in Portugal – and more recently in Cyprus. continues the CEO of GEDS.

Thanks to its various administration sections, students (and their parents), universities and their various departments (accounting, jury, translators, etc.) meet in a common space to manage, administer, discuss and decide on a common matter. . : applications for health studies.

Development and improvement: when software is confronted with user experience

The development of the first version will take 2 years, but it will not stop being updated in the last 4 years, meeting specific requests from GEDS clients/partner universities, the candidates themselves and the wishes of the teams. experience year after year.

Thanks to the dedicated interface on the university side, members of the international applications department will be able to find in a single space:

  • The student’s identity
  • The wishes that he will have expressed for his candidacy
  • Your exam results
  • The official documents expected for your file

You will also find a space dedicated to the visits that the university can offer students (open days) and in particular reservations, number of participants and cancellations, as well as a space for juries for interviews with its videoconference module. clean and safe allowing selection interviews under the best conditions.

The “admission” area will allow the classification of students according to the criteria defined by the university and the sending of a vacancy proposal to the student. also has an accounting space to find payments for enrollment and tuition fees, accessible by universities’ finance departments, allowing you to reconcile payments made by students.

It takes less than 1 month to deploy a new university by the GEDS development teams so that the institution can fully utilize all the company’s services.

The digital transition affects all institutions, on an international scale. Digital solutions are multiplying to meet the technical and administrative needs of organizations, including public and private universities. To facilitate internal management, the use of European software seems to be essential at a time when distance training and vocations no longer have borders.

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